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Serval Cat Escapes — 5 Comments

  1. To “Anonymous,” “They really don’t mind it/”? being declawed? You really then have no business taking possession of any feline. You are no better than the animal abusers of the world who grovel in their own relentless egos.

  2. sigh] I probably won’t read through the comments, on this one, Michael. This is beyond me. except that I do know, any individual/couple who would declaw their “pet” Serval should be tortured themselves. And I have never said this before. This is no different (the way that you humans who engage in this insensitive pattern of behavior) than having every single first knuckle digit removed from your hands, so that you have no means of mobility with your fingers, other than feeling phantom pain…God curse you as you have cursed those poor cats. You do not deserve to own a domestic feline, let along a Serval or other wildcat species. 🙁

    • Quite a lot of people keep servals as pets and it seems to me that most if not all of them declaw their serval. I am the same as you on this. It is blatant cruelty to coral a medium-sized wild cat into a relatively small space and then delcaw him for the convenience of the owner. There is only one place for a wild cat: out amongst nature away from people. Unfortunately, there is less and less habitat left.

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