Serval grooms Savannah Cat x American Curl hybrid (video)

The video is described as a serval loving a Savannah cat. But in this video, we see a serval grooming what appears to me to be a cross between a Savannah cat and an American Curl. I am referring to the smaller cat in this duo. The description of this cat as a Savannah cat is incorrect because the ear flaps curl backwards but not fully backwards and therefore this is a rather poor example of the American Curl. I’ve guessed bigtime that this smaller cat might be a hybrid between the Savannah cat and the American Curl because he/she might be a moggy for all I know or perhaps, more likely, an American Curl that didn’t work out quite as planned as per the breed standard. But the smaller cat definitely has some American Curl in their genetic makeup and they look larger than a normal moggy. I think this cat might be a high filial Savannah cat hybrid.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Serval grooms a Savannah cat x American Curl hybrid
Serval grooms a Savannah cat x American Curl hybrid
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The serval in the video is the wild cat half of the F1 Savannah cats. This individual cat is very domesticated as can be seen. They are not infrequently domesticated and treated as exotic pets by people who are captivated by exotic animals. They are unsuited to being pets for 99.9% of people as they are too wild even when tamed. They need 10 square miles of space. This means that they feel cooped up in a home. But they need to be kept inside the home as they’d terrify the neighbours if they were let out. You see the problem?! It does not work well and they can spray urine a lot due to natural behaviours and stresses. There are many stories of serval cat pets escaping their owners’ homes and getting lost, frightening the neighbours, dying on the roads or being shot dead by the police. It ain’t good. You can see the high energy levels in the serval in the video. That’s typical of a pet serval. You have to like that character trait.


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