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  1. We do not hear much about ocelots these days. Are they becoming endangered?
    I do know that a long time ago it was not considered wrong to keep an ocelot or cheetah as a pet, especially the ocelot. What can you tell us about such practices? Many of us, myself included [as a lover of wild cats and feral domestics], love to dream of nurturing a cat bigger than our beloved domestics. My love of all cats sometimes gets the better of me, thinking that I could care for such a wild creature. Probably not. <3

  2. Serena has such a long, elegant serval neck. It must have been tempting to put jewels and gold around it. I’m sorry that you had to suffer a bit of a slash, Michael. <3 We all know that is the price we pay when playing or conditioning, or just plain worried. It might be interesting to you to know that I do not put triple antibiotic or any kind of antiseptic on my cat scratches…and eventually they heal just fine. I have never handled a serval though. I cannot imagine the titillation nor overwhelming emotions that could produce. I can only imagine that… It must have been so awesome!

    • I have to say, the serval even when semi-domesticated is quite intimidating. They are large and strong. It was very interesting being very close to them but I don’t know how some people can think of them as pets. I am sure that even when domesticated they retain this wildness. They can never be domesticated like a domestic cat unless they were pets for 10,000 years. I have carried a serval like a domestic cat. A smaller one. He was cute but he felt muscular and his fur was coarse.

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