Serval Standing on Hind Legs (photo)

This is a photo I took and found in my archives which I like. It is sort of sad but impressive at the same time. You can see the long, rangy body conformation of the serval clearly. The serval (I forget whether this serval is male or female) looks out of the enclosure forlornly. I think he is Morpheus, a male.

Serval in an enclosure looking out forlornly
Serval in an enclosure looking out forlornly. Photo: Michael
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It was taken in the early hours of the morning as the sun was rising. I was inside the enclosure with the cats. There were two in this enclosure, a male and female who were breeders for the owners. They created servals for sale. There is quite a good market in the USA for domesticated, semi-domesticated or breeding servals.

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6 thoughts on “Serval Standing on Hind Legs (photo)”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    That makes me very sad, the poor cat looking longingly out of prison, how can anyone be so cruel as to cage wild or semi wild animals 🙁
    I HATE them with a passion for what they do!

    1. And this is a good enclosure by cat breeder standards. People in general are just not interested in these finer points. The average person just sees a cute cat and has no knowledge or interest in what is happening behind the scenes. The average person is fascinated with Grumpy Cat and totally disinterested in the plight of feral cats and shelter cats.

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