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Owning An Amazing Serval In The UK
I got my amazing serval, whom I named Nala from Hotspot Exotics here in the UK. They are the only producers of F1 Savannahs in the UK and have Serval …

Serval Threats and Conservation
For serval threats and conservation I refer to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species® (IUCN) and the renown book, Wild Cats of the World (WoW). The …

Male Serval Morpheus and Partner Penelope
Well, yesterday, I spent the early hours of the morning, while the hot sun was coming up in a warm glow, with two gorgeous serval cats, Morpheus, a large …

African Serval Cat Serena
Yesterday, and this morning, I shared an enclosure at A1 Savannahs, with African serval cat Serena in order to try and take some nice photos and to make …

Interested in Getting a Serval
Hi there, my name is Lauren and i very very very much love animals and will most defintely be working with them when i grow up (i am only 14 now).

Capturing a Serval
I had received a desperate call from a man in PA that heard of my ability to safe-capture wild cats and like a fool I gathered up my Noah & Sarah-Linda …

Beautiful Woodland African Serval Kittens for Adoption
The African Serval cat is not domestic nor should one be treated as such. These magnificent animals are naturally wild by nature but fairly easy to socialize …

Serval Cats Ecology and Hunting  Not rated yet
Serval cats are found in a range of grassland in Africa including grassland that is associated with water courses. They can also be found in forests, but …

What is the Cat In the Carmax Ad?  Not rated yet
Serval – Is this the cat I’ve been seeing in the carmax “dramatically smart” campaign?

I know this isn’t a discussion board but that cat is so gorgeous …

Serval Hiss  Not rated yet
In this video showing the serval hiss, it is my fault that she hissed. I provoked her.

The reason for provoking her was to get her to move away from …


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