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  1. I should clarify that black diarrhea in a cat, (like a human)can indicate blood from a higher point in the digestive system. Increased blood is a laxative, so diarrhea results. The kitten can still appear very active but must be seen by a vet. Also, the fact that a kitten is not socialized or scared, doesn’t mean they can’t be tamed, but it takes time.

  2. I recently took a funny-looking “free” kitten from a grain shop in the country. I’ve come to realize that she is probably a Savannah, which is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a African Serval wildcat. I think she was dumped because she wasn’t as beautiful as some. Someone returned her because a shelter dog had attacked her. Her eye is damaged. Within 18 hrs I realized she was actually dying, with explosive black diarrhea from infections/infestations common to catteries. She was treated and now is very pretty & affectionate (her affection is jumping, attacking you, biting and scratching! Her kiss is a gentle bite) This is when I realized she wasn’t a regular kitten. Two of my cats were feral kittens and they don’t appreciate her! It takes a lot of time, effort & a cage to keep her safe from them, since they are each 20 lbs. Today, they came back to their usual sleeping on my bed, but I can’t turn my back, or they will attack her. Jealous or trying to protect me? She is fun but a lot of work. I wouldn’t put her w/ young kids, or busy impatient people. It’s a very sad situation – the breeding & dumping fr. catteries. Leave the Serval in Africa!

    • Wow, it is a tough story. You are admirably committed to caring for her and I admire you for that. Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences. Wildcat hybrids can be a handful.

      • Thank you. I was looking for the breeder on-line and came across your website. I had recently read about this incident in Detroit, of a Savannah shot by a person afraid of it’s size which I had not seen in 2013. Perhaps you covered it. I’m hoping to give the other side of Savannah/Serval ownership. Thank you for putting it out there.

  3. I would like to know all of ur prices and what cats u have available. I have been doing a lot of research on different breeds of cats and those I would see what u have and prices ThAnk u Cris Thompson

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