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  1. I am in the process to fund a non profit organization in Las Vegas Nevada called purr-fect Cat Therapy, Inc we will provide (ESA) cats and Therapy cat to qualify Veteran and individual with mental disabilities. We choose to work exclusively with the Siberian Cat Breed for our programs for many raisons and here a few : The Siberian Cat is a very calm and highly intelligent, hypoallergenic and trainable cat , very tuned to their owner with dog like qualities. I believe as you said we will be the only organization dealing with Cats exclusively. we are in the process to finalise our filing with state ect but please stay in touch for this organization information and upcoming website though our cattery website below 🙂

  2. As someone who has spent years dealing with and trying to accept the label PTSD. Wich over the years my panic attacks are more severe. i coincidentally during this time took in a four week old kitten. As she matured of course i did also. I took her in at a time i believed my panic attacks were therapeutically under control. I have attacks where i simply get a “rambling fast paced thinking process’ to where im immobile. Uncontolled sadness, cry and hyperventilate till i pass out. I have noticed on two occasions now that when im upset and my anxiety kevel is high to where tears are in my eyes…she comes over to me and bites my leg. She runs around the room. Comes back and bites me again till i can focus and tell her enough is enough. She has helped give me a focal point and given me the opportunity to focus on a ‘distraction’. Its not painful. Not even a scratch. But it brings me to and aware. This is what i call a service cat. Cats have the ability and gift that they are not given the credit for. She is only a year old, a brat and particular to her ‘ family ‘. She gives to me more than she would ever know. I am grateful for he presence. I work full time but couldnt for six years. U was dependant on people and hated it. Im not throygh eith PTSD. I dont believe it goes away. It can be managed or get worse depending on our life sutuations and experiences. I have control for the most part…but feel weak at times where i feel its too easy to get lost in its despair. I cherish my Luna baby kitty. Shes what i call a bitch. But a very perceptive one.

    • Thanks Erin for sharing so honestly. I feel for you. I hope you get better or continue to manage your panic attacks. And it is so nice to know that your cat helps you manage your emotions. I loved reading your comment. So personal and powerful. Take care Erin.

  3. I have PTSD. I had nightmares, anxiety, and overall “twitchiness” that would not go away. I tried medication, hypnosis, yoga, Reiki, you name it.. I still had nightmares. My chiropractor suggested I get a kitten. Within weeks, my nightmares stopped. 2 years later, Loki and I have a special connection. If you want to hear more about my Loki… feel free to email me leahped@gmail.com

  4. I am A Vet with PTSD and if I didn’t have Oscar for a companion my depression would become worse and my feeling safe would diminish. He follows me like a dog and also comes to me when his name is called. My doctors know he is an important part of therapy as well.

    • Hi, thanks for commenting. It is nice to her from a vet who has a cat for therapeutic purposes. I guess you like cats too. I’d love to hear more from you. If you have time could you please write something down on your computer and copy and paste it into the from on this page:

      Thanks again for visiting and the very best of luck to you.

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