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Set up video showing cat taking revenge on rough handling owner — 5 Comments

  1. Many “takes” would mean many pots falling on the head. He’s have to be quite dedicated to making this video, for some reason….

    But maybe the pot didn’t fall many times? Failures?

  2. So, if it was contrived, there is a cooperative spirit between the cat and the man, shown by the cat running upstairs, which could hardly be predicted.

    I rented a room with a man who was very mean to me.
    He said he liked cats, but I saw no evidence of that.

    He used to keep a sleeping bag on the living room couch, and one day Mitzy pooped on it! I was so surprised because she’d never done anything like that, and hasn’t since. I don’t think she liked him, and knew somehow that he made me feel upset.
    (I’m just guessing on this, but it seems that some cats know when people don’t like them.)

    I wonder about other stories of “retaliation” by cats that have been mis-treated.

    • I liked your story. The cat’s decision to go upstairs might not have been predicable but it might have been encouraged in some way. If I am correct the video would have had many failures before the “success” that we see.

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