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Setting a benchmark for the amount of wet cat food a standard cat should eat daily — 3 Comments

  1. I’d like to add another aspect to this discussion: quality. Labelling fails us here too. In answer to that I’ve subscribed to the related sites that do independent laboratory research on approximately 5,000 pet foods. Check truthaboutpetfood.com, associationfortruthinpetfood.com/ and petsumerreport.com. It’s consumer funded, which gives you the main qualification as to why and how they can offer you research and evidence you can trust about this essential topic.

  2. Yeah I’ve gotten it down to around 5oz wet food per day, give or take. I’ll give a tiny bit more to those who seem to require it from what I feed the others who don’t. I look at their activity level, how hungry they have or haven’t been, if they ever leave a bit, seem to want more and most of all if they’ve been packing on a little more bulk than the others. I balance it out within the total cans I’ll open for them so we don’t have left overs. The problem with most cats is they can eat too much if you provide it, especially the dry food which contains sprayed on flavorings that have no nutritional value. I’ve called it “kitty crack”. Drives me nuts that a neighbor constantly puts out dry food for any and all neighboring cats that will eat it. She thinks that just because they will, they must need it, which they don’t.

    • Well, I am pleased you have come to a similar conclusion. It is a tricky one. I feel more can be done on clarifying the feline diet. I am sure a lot of cat owners struggle with their cat’s diet. One reason is laziness but another is a lack of clarity.

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