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Seven purebred sibling puppies surround and attempt to attack Bengal cat

Puppy siblings mock attack Bengal cat

This reminds of African wild dogs hunting down prey. It has all the flavor of that only it takes place in a home and they are all domestic animals. I don’t know whether it is a good or bad thing. Na..I do know – it’s not a good to allow this to happen if you are thinking of cat welfare and even of the welfare of the puppies. What if the cat had become aggressive towards the puppies?

The owner encourages it and I am not sure that she is right to do that. It can’t be nice for the cat who is definitely a Bengal cat and a smidgen overweight. The Bengal cat grows tired of it and swipes out and then jogs off to higher ground on top of a chair so she definitely feels threatened.

I have no idea of the breed of the 7 puppies who seem to be siblings from one litter. They have slightly brachycephalic heads so maybe they are bulldog-type puppies. The video is packaged as a funny cat and dog video. And I do find it slightly amusing but I also find it slightly concerning from the standpoint of companion animal welfare and pet ownership.

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Michael Broad

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