Seven-year-old girl witnesses boy abuse young domestic cat

A seven-year-old girl, Nikki, witnessed a boy badly mistreating a cat on the street in full view of anyone who happened to be present. A security camera recorded the whole event and the video went viral on Facebook. It appears that the video has been removed by Facebook administrators because I can’t find it. Nonetheless there are screenshots.

Boy abused cat and the event is watched by 7-year-old girl
Boy abused cat and the event is watched by 7-year-old girl
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Nikki said:

“These guys were trying to throw her into the trash can but then he came down to us swinging her.”

She then said that the boy said that he was throwing the cat away because “it was broken”.

It seems that he had broken the cat’s leg and dislocated it because of his mistreatment and then decided to throw the cat away.

“Her paw limped when he set her down.”

Nikki’s parents became involved and contacted Connie Lazenby, a worker with Animal Rescue Crusaders.

She confirmed that the cat’s left foreleg was broken in several places and it was dislocated. They named the cat Skipee because she couldn’t walk properly and took her to a veterinarian. The veterinarian recommended amputation because of the extensive damage.

Skipee after the surgery
Skipee after the surgery. So forgiving. Video screenshot.

It is sad to see Nikki, in the video, describing the injuries suffered by Skipee. Young girls or boys should not witness this sort of thing and have to describe it like this.

In describing the injury while pointing to herself to illustrate the area where the injury took place, Nikki said:

“It is so sad she had to get her leg cutoff. Because all right here was popped out of place and all right here was broken [the leg had to be amputated]”

Skipee is now in a safe home doing well. The police are investigating.

Comment: I have picked out this cat story because it uniquely features two children, one abuses a cat without reason for his entertainment while the other, younger child, sees the abuse. The child who did the abusing is already hurt emotionally and the child who saw it might be hurt emotionally. The cat was hurt physically and emotionally.


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  1. This is why I support an automatic death sentence for fucks like this! I don’t give a shit if it’s an adult or kid, kill them if they abuse an animal. They will only grow to be bigger fucks if allowed to live and if already an adult will be even bigger fucks to deal with. The human species needs to get over it’s aversion of killing their own when it needs to be done. A perfect way to start culling the bad from society.


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