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Seventeen cats abandoned in sealed plastic containers outside a shelter

Seventeen cats were abandoned in airless plastic containers outside the Orphans in the Storm animal shelter in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA. The cats are lucky to be alive. We don’t know how long they were left outside the shelter in this precarious situation but not long enough to harm them.

Cats abandoned inside sealed plastic containers

Cats abandoned inside sealed plastic containers

Cat survived and are fortunately doing well

Staff arrived at work to find 17 cats stuffed into the plastic tubs with lids. One had bricks on the lid (see photo).

“The cats are lucky to be alive… There are no air holes in either container. we don’t know how long they were there before we came in.”- Bethann Galbraith, the shelter manager.

The shelter has decided that this is a potential case of criminal animal cruelty. It certainly could be a criminal act and obviously a very very stupid thing to do.

Comment – voicing opinion is inline with what we find in hardcopy newspapers such as The Times

It highlights, frankly, the stupidity of some cat owners who end up hoarding cats and then abandoning them in the most careless of ways while hiding their identity.

They appear to feel guilty enough not to be able to go up to the counter at an animal shelter and openly admit that they have gone wrong and release the cats to the shelter.

They have to surreptitiously and in the dark of night dump cats in large plastic containers with sealed lids in a completely unthinking manner. However, at least this person realised that they had to give up their cats. This shows some degree of sense or thought by this person but he or she was, nonetheless, very stupid.

I would doubt that there would be a prosecution. In fact I would argue that there won’t be a prosecution although if there were the person responsible could face a fine of $5000 in two years in jail. Fortunately, the cats are in good health and spirits.

The shelter is looking for help from adopters because they are inundated with cats at this time of year. Their telephone number is (724) 548-4520.

The source of the stories TRIB LIVE.

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