Seventeen-year-old deaf cat with dementia lost in Fulham, London. Please share.

I am sharing this in the hope that Tilly can be found using the power of Facebook. The London Cat Clinic posted 14 hours ago the following:

“Missing. This is Tilly. She went missing from her home on Danehurst Street, Fulham on the 3rd of May. She is slightly deaf and is on a special diet. Please share and help get this little lady home”

Here’s Tilly:

Lost cat Tilly
Lost cat Tilly
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I live near London and my girlfriend lives on Putney borders which is about three miles from Fulham. The point is that it is very likely that Tilly is somewhere not too far from her home perhaps within a radius of a few hundred yards.

Let’s hope that a home owner in the area where Tilley’s owner lives in Fulham spots her and reports back on Facebook. This is my wish and hope. Bearing in mind her age and disabilities it is important that she is found quickly.

Fulham has a population of 87,161. It’s a small part of Southwest London but with a population the size of a town.

Note: Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is not that far away from Fulham. The home is a major rescue centre in London so Tilly may be brought to them.

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