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This is Kisa, or Kitty, and he was a FeLV+ stray - photo added by Michael. Kisa is not living at SCR - photo by Timothy Wells (Flickr)

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This is Kisa, or Kitty, and he was a FeLV+ stray - photo added by Michael. Kisa is not living at SCR - photo by Timothy Wells (Flickr)

What caught my eye about Shadow Cat Rescue was the statement by the founder of SCR (with her husband), Sheila Smith who says this in relation to FeLV cats.

"If I had my choice we would be a leukemia-only shelter, but we have too many others with different issues." Since 2006 SCR has provided a home to 75 FeLV cats.

This shows heart and tenderness, the kind of person who almost must be involved in cat rescue as a way of expressing herself. Roy is also very tender towards FeLV cats. FeLV cats are at the bottom of the list of adoptable cats and threfore the most vulnerable. It is fantastic to think that there are people out there who care for cats that are least likely to be cared for.

Shadow Cats Rescue is in Round Rock, Texas. It was founded in 1977. Sheila could not ignore the skinny stray and feral cats that others wanted to get rid of. She was drawn to them. She wanted to give them a life. A life that they deserved as much as any other of God's creatures.

Roy prefers to not use the word "feral" and calls them "community cats" as the word has negative connotations. I like that. It tells us a bit more about Roy and Sheila Smith.

They seem to have a fantastic 1,700 square foot facility attached to their house.

Roy is a veterinarian and works at the Central Texas Hospital close to Shadow Cats Rescue.

I just wanted to promote, if you like, this good work. See also Adoptable FeLV Cats.

This is a link to their website: Shadow Cats Rescue

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Shadow Cats Rescue (SCR) to Feral cats

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Shadow Cats Rescue (SCR)

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Jul 08, 2010 Community cats!
by: Maggie Sharp

This is a great article, Michael! I love it! It shows that a cat doesn't have to have a home in order to be treated with the respect and care they deserve.

I wish there were people like Roy and Sheila here, who could save the cats on Tasman Island.


Just because some cats don't have homes, doesn't mean they should die.

Jul 06, 2010 Hi Tracey
by: Michael

I feel that all creatures have an equal right to live as decent a life as possible and that the most vulnerable deserve and need the most help from the more fortunate to achieve that.

When the more fortunate help the less fortunate the world is more balanced and a better place. There is a reward too for people who help others.

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Jul 05, 2010 Amazing work
by: Tracey (England)

These poor lonely community cats. You're right Micheal; all any cat really wants is a lap, warmth, love and food. Not much to ask is it really? Not just the healthy ones that need it the sick kitties do too how wonderful therefore that these amazing people help these little souls

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