Shadows of Time

Shadows of Time

by HJ

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment written by visitors. It is a way visitors can contribute to animal welfare without much effort and no financial cost. Please comment. It helps this website too which at heart is about cat welfare.

It's a new Warriors Roleplay, which needs members badly. Members can have up to four characters at once, and there are special profiles located on the profile page to fill in for them.

It's based on the lake territory, awhile after all the books. You can make up your own Cats, and the main admin Sunlitstar is very helpful. There is a guide written by the other admin DarkeWolfie and lots of help topics and info.

Sunlitstar put in a lot of work designing the site she still isn't 100% done and would really like members. It's not like, the best site ever, but...It's good, to say it's a free forum...and the amount of Warriors Roleplays there already are...

Shadows of Time


Hi HJ... I have included a link. I guessed the website. If it is incorrect just leave a comment and I'll correct it.

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