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Shaming people does not help. It forces them into seclusion and takes the kitties there with them — 5 Comments

  1. People who deliberately foist invasive disease vectors on their communties are essentially bioterrorists. They don’t deserve encouragement. They should be dragged off as menaces to public health and institutionalized.

  2. I do believe there are many of us like this lady you helped. I myself have about 20 cats that i care for. Of course I understand i should never have started feeding them as they me to my home and yes i became overwhelmed with kittens, TNR etc. I try my best.( i know you have heard that before) i am now waiting for a group that will trap for me and return the cats back to me. They are going to trap 2 at a time. Some i had spayed on my own. These cats are outdoors. I provide food and shelter for them and medication if it is needed and if they allow me to help them. I am 81 years old. The cost for food is amazing but it is something i started and will continue……. so yes, as I have read this there are many of us. Many will not come forward for fear of the town shelters coming and giving us summons. I have had these threats too but fortunate that a group here allows me to use their name in case of a compliant. These critters need us. They did not ask to be born…………
    Thank you for all you do. No i was never ashamed of what I do…………

    • Thanks Madeleine for your comment. I think I will use your comment as an idea for an article as it is important. Good luck.

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