Shannon and Cooper: Munchkin Kittens

Shannon and Cooper: Munchkin Kittens

by Kat Langworthy
(Argyle, NY, USA)

This is Cooper and Shannon

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This is Cooper and Shannon

We adopted our kittens from friends (2 separate ones) and I have never smiled or laughed so hard in my life since these 2 crazy kitties, came into our lives.

I lost my best friend, Hydie (a Maine Coon) in September 2010, and my other cat, TJ, (a Manx mix) became depressed as did I.

Friends who had Munchkins had been expecting mama's, so we had first choice of litters. September 20th, Shannon was born and on October 20th, Cooper popped out. I took to Shannon almost immediately and she became my kitty, or better yet I became her human.

With those short legs I was amazed at how fast she could run, TJ and her became friends (TJ is 5 yrs old), they play peek a boo by the sofa, with Shannon going under the sofa and popping out the other end, TJ chasing her back and forth.

A few weeks later Cooper came to our home, with his big paws (has 7 toes on one foot and 9 on other and one toe has 2 nails!) and cuddly character, our home was complete. We also have a lab and an Ori Pei.

I have heard that Munchkins are not the best of jumpers, I beg to differ, we have a 3 story cat tree. Both jump from the second platform to the step and its about 3 feet wide. Cooper is a hopper, he is here one second and, then, poof he is gone.

They both love to chase each other up and down the hallway; all you hear is "pa thumpa thumpa thump" up and down the hall. They found a clump of hair from Hydie, that was lying somewhere and they play with that hair all day long, one will have it and run with it as the other tries to get it from him/her, its funny. Who needs TV when you have Munchkins. I may make a movie called "The Shannon and Cooper Variety Show", they are just that funny.

Shannon is my girl, she likes to suckle on my shirt or neck, then fall asleep on my chest. Its just adorable. Cooper likes to bite toes, least mine normally. I can hide them in a blanket and hop hop hop Chomp, he goes!

I really don't know how it would be if we hadn't had the opportunity to get these sweet little Munchkins. I look forward to watching them grow up to be sweet bigger munchkins as the years progress. If anyone is wanting to buy or adopt a Munchkin, you will get everything you wanted in a cat. Love and companionship forever.

I have to stop for now, Shannon wants my time and affection. Have a great day!


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