Share a Dublin bedsit with a gay man, 2 cats and piles of junk for €100 a week

There is a guy in Dublin who’s lived there for 15 years and who currently lives in a tiny bedsit in which there are two beds, masses of junk and two cats. For international readers, in case you are unsure, a “bedsit” in the UK means essentially a single room in which to live which may have a kitchenette and a shower room off it. This is a tiny home. Judging by the pictures you can hardly move around in this one for the amount of stuff crammed into it as the occupier is a ‘collector’.

Worst bedsit rental offer
Worst bedsit rental offer. Screenshot.
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He wants to rent the bedsit for €100 a week provided the renter lives with him and his two cats. There are two beds inside the bedsit and they are in touching distance so I think we can be sure that there is absolutely no privacy whatsoever. The man would prefer a student and he wants the person to take care of his cats as and when required.


Note about the video above. TikTok allows videos to be downloaded which means, by implication, that the makers of these videos except that they might be uploaded to other websites as is the case in this instance. I do this because if I embed the video on my site using TikTok code, the video might stop working in the near or medium-term future.

And the unnamed bedsit occupier admits that this is not a private room. On the face it that means that this is not even a bedsit. It appears that he is a lodger which is an entirely different kettle of fish because the rights of a lodger are much less than the rights of a renter under a proper rental agreement.

Bedsit share for 100 euros per week in Dublin
Bedsit share for 100 euros per week in Dublin. Screenshot.

The advertiser/occupier says that he is gay. I suspect that he wants another gay person to join him in his room to share the cost of lodging or renting and also engage in a little bit of gay sex. I could be misrepresenting the situation very badly but if a gay man wants to share a tiny room with another man, the other man has to be gay as well. And the other man has to like cats as well. That is plain to see. And sex is going to happen 😎.

It is the bizarre nature of the advertisement which has surprised the TikTok presenter who is vocal about the advert and uses strong language in expressing his feelings about it. He claims that it is the worst offer of a flat rental that he has seen.

Cat’s perspective

I have to look at the video from the cats’ perspective. Not only is the offer unacceptable to the vast majority of people who might consider living with this gay man, it is also highly unacceptable, I would suggest, to the two cats living in the bedsit and whose names are Molly and Black Velvet.

How are they going to respond with a complete stranger in the bedroom where they have to live their entire lives? Not good in any case. And would you let a stranger who has come to live with you for a few months take care of your cats while you were away? I don’t think I would. You’ve got to make sure that the person is completely safe in terms of ensuring that your cats are provided for properly and that their safety is ensured. I don’t see how you can do this unless you know the person very well. This is not going to happen in this instance.

The video goes through everything and you can see how dire the situation is. The presenter covers it all with strong language. He is completely shocked. The price is ridiculous at €100 per week for next to nothing except that the bedsit is in a good location in Dublin which is probably why the resident occupant is asking this inflated price.

I am thinking of the cats. The occupier of this room is not a good cat owner. Why has he got 2 cats when his home is unsuited?

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