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By popular request I’m writing this, although I didn’t intend to write more until after THE day of Barbara’s sponsored walk for our local Cats Protection branch.

See part 3 and links to parts 1 and 2

cat poster
The Cat Pusschair – Poster by Ruth AKA Kattaddorra
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Only a few days to go now and she is all prepared apart from getting her face paint perfect and we are worrying if the weather is still as hot as it is now, will her paint run and will her cat costume be too warm?

We finished preparing the puss-chair today, it was a puzzle how to fit the collection box to it where it would be on view and tethered safely so as not to fall off.

It was my job to fathom something out and after trying all sorts I came up with the solution, the bottom is stuck to the front of the puss-chair with silver tape.

Babz made lots of CP posters to put around the chair and with bunting and balloons it looks very eye catching.

She also made a photo album filled with pictures of ‘her’ kittens and hung it on the chair, she really does have some brilliant ideas!

We decided to take the finished puss-chair today to her place of work, which is only five minutes walk from us, thinking Sunday would be quieter than a weekday.

We took turns of pushing it, my inexpert bumping along with it was a good test to make sure nothing would fall off lol

Two little girls and a boy came along and the girls giggled and the boy said ‘Oh cute’
It’s lovely how children just show their feelings and say what they think, the adults we met just gave us strange looks.

Good practise for Babz anyway as she will get some even stranger looks and maybe some funny remarks too on Thursday’s walk lol when she’s padding along with her tail swishing and Julee beside her in her dog costume.

We haven’t seen that yet, I’ll be taking some photos of them both to share here.

Babz has raised £272 so far now.

The plan is that along with that, whatever Julee from the Loftus funeralcare branch, who is raising money for Hope Animal Sanctuary near where she lives and works, has raised in sponsor money and what they both collect in town after the walk, will be pooled and shared out equally.

But we already know for sure they will each qualify for the Co-operative booster fund of £100 for their charity.

It’s a wonderful ethical firm and they are very generous to charities.

GOOD LUCK to Babz and Julee and I hope it goes well on the day.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jun 03, 2012 pics NEW
by: Cat lover

I was wondering where the last part of the story was, thanks for the link on facebook but it won’t open, I just get a black square.
Can you put the pics on facebook please as I’d love to see them.

Jun 03, 2012 WELL DONE NEW
by: Jane A

I got the new link and read it and saw the poster of the walk day but there’s nowhere to comment.
The photos are brilliant, well done Barbara and Julee.
What a pity it was raining so hard butI’m sure your charities are very grateful for the money you raised for them.

Jun 03, 2012 Search me Ed! NEW
by: Barbara

Thanks Leah, apart from the wet, wet, wet it was great fun and Julee turned out to be a lovely lady. Ed I don’t really know what’s happening to PoC, some people can get it, some just get a black screen, I can see it but can see nowhere to comment, it’s very sad, like losing an old friend, I miss the old, straightforward PoC. Anyway thanks for your kind thoughts Ed, the rain didn’t spoil the fun but we might have done better in the street collection if it had been fine.
For anyone who can’t access the final chapter of this story, we haven’t got all the sponsorship in yet but going on what we have so far each charity will definitely receive £200 plus £100 each from the Co-op Booster Fund so it was well worth getting wet for. Thank you for all the support and donations.

Barbara avatar

Jun 03, 2012 whats gone wrong NEW
by: Edward

Man whats happened to POC I eventually got to your new article Barbara but took ages to find out how to comment and I dont have facebook or google and its got nowhere for my name so it might not be on.
Incase you dont see it I love the pictures and sorry the rain spoiled the day.

Jun 03, 2012 A massive well done! NEW
by: Leah (England)

You both looked amazing!! I have to say it takes a lot of courage to walk around in the pouring rain dressed as a dog and cat but you did it all for the animals! Kudos to you both!!

Jun 01, 2012 It surprised me NEW
by: Barbara

I must say I’ve never thought much of sponsored walks before myself, I thought why should people pay you to do something that you’re doing by choice, but the street collection at the end of the walk seemed to give a point to it. But the money we made came from the walk itself and really surprised me so maybe it would be worth a thought, especially in fancy dress. Not promising to take part as I don’t like to keep asking friends for money but would definitely sponsor someone for KH. Yes we’ll see you soon likely as we have some cat food and blankets for you.

Barbara avatar

Jun 01, 2012 i’ll have a think NEW
by: leanne

might not be a bad idea, i’ll have to have a think to see what we can sort out. i do still have my very scary chicken costume!! i’ll definately be noticed in that. i bet marion, and julees charity too, are over the moon about the money raised, every penny helps. if either of them are anything like us every day bring dozens of phone calls. today we have taken in a young magpie and a stray ferret!! a home i thought i had for a rabbit tomorrow has fallen through, at least for the time being, but we did rehome a tiny kitten that was found abandoned in a barn, she has gone home with one of our volunteers. its all ups and downs!! anyway speak to you both soon no doubt.

Jun 01, 2012 Well done NEW
by: Edward

Man you did so well and Im sorry it rained on your parade what a dirty trick the very day.
You looked great here too and your pusschair but your poor wet babies what a shame.
Have you got pictures on the day or was it too dark.
Its a good idea for Kayshill a sponsored walk you could take the resident doggies Leanne and wear your bejewelled peep toe wellies and I bet youd get a lot of money.

Jun 01, 2012 Just a thought Leanne NEW
by: Ruth

A sponsored walk might be a good fund raiser for Kays Hill Leanne, maybe the volunteers would enjoy it too.
We can’t be pestering folk again for a while yet to sponsor us but would gladly sponsor you or Kevin, I don’t suppose you could spare both of you to go.
We were greatly surprised how much backing Babz got for a 4 mile walk, we were thinking she’d be lucky to get enough to qualify for the Co-op bonus top up.
Most people are very kind!
We feel happier to have repaid Marion a bit for the huge vets bills from those poor cats she took but we haven’t forgotten you either….never will.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 01, 2012 Jammie dodgers LOL NEW
by: Barbara

You’re right Leanne I AM so glad it’s over, but also glad we did it, for all cats and in memory of Maverick. Soggy cat just about sums it up, it just wasn’t worth standing about too long down the town, people were huddling up and passing us by and as a “mature” woman I was very conscious of being wet through. I enjoyed my sit down and “tea” and “jammie dodger” (by any other name) last night!

Barbara avatar

May 31, 2012 well done NEW
by: leanne

i bet you’re glad thats over, the day its been. we said earlier that there would’nt be the people out with the rain being so heavy, but whatever you both made we’re sure that marion and julee’s charity will make very good use of it, so despite being a soggy cat by the time bishop loomed into view, i bet you both are still glad you did it. another thing, i bet you’ve inspired more people to do something like it if not the same thing, and if it raises money for needy animals, its all for the good. well done babz, you deserve i nice sit down and a cup of tea with a jammie dodger!! see you soon.

May 31, 2012 It’s over! NEW
by: Barbara

All over and done with, it poured down all the way and in town so the collection wasn’t too good, haven’t got the full sponsor money in yet but hoping for £200 for each charity plus the £100 booster fund, full story and pics asap. Thanks so much everyone for being interested.

Barbara avatar

May 31, 2012 Sorry it’s raining NEW
by: Mrs M

Sorry about the rain, that’s rotten luck.
I’m looking forward to the next poster and update on how you did anyway, I hope it went OK apart from the weather.

May 31, 2012 On their way now NEW
by: Ruth

Well they set off around 10.20am by Julee arrived from Loftus and got ready, it was still raining but they didn’t let it dampen their spirits.
Both look spectacular, a black and white cat and a brown dog lol
I took some photos and the final installment will be on its way tomorrow.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 31, 2012 soggy!! NEW
by: leanne

oh babz, of all the days its had to rain heavily, it chose to do it today. we’d hoped to be able to call round and see you off but did’nt make it sorry. i’ve kept hoping it was going to stop, but it dos’nt look like it will now. but i know you won’t let a spot of rain put you off and you’ll make the best of it. you’ll reach Bishop soggy but happy!! good luck to you both, hope you raise loads on your walk.
(and i don’t just mean eyebrows!!)

May 31, 2012 Today is the day! NEW
by: Barbara

The day has dawned and at the moment it’s POURING DOWN! It wasn’t when I got up at 6 but it’s now 7 and coming down in sheets, I hope it rains itself out by 9.30.
Thanks for the good wishes, we will of course report back afterwards and Ruth will do a poster of photos, I think I should have had a fish costume!

Barbara avatar

May 30, 2012 Brilliant news NEW
by: Michele S.

£272 raised and the sponsored walk hasn’t even happened yet – that’s amazing. I know you ladies will have put a lot of time and effort into raising those monies, so well done to both of you.

I hope the weather is kind to you on the day. Looking forward to more updates.

May 30, 2012 Brilliant news NEW
by: Michele S.

£272 raised and the sponsored walk hasn’t even happened yet – that’s amazing. I know you ladies will have put a lot of time and effort into raising those monies, so well done to both of you.

I hope the weather is kind to you on the day. Looking forward to more updates.

May 30, 2012 Looks great! NEW
by: Maggie

It’s looking good Ruth and Babz! You should get quite a bit of interest, because as you said, the puss chair is very eye catching. I really can’t wait to hear about how the actual day goes, I’m sure Babz will raise heaps more money when she’s all dressed up and pushing that great chair along the street!

Good luck!

May 29, 2012 Kitten album NEW
by: Leah, England (Where we don’t de-claw)

Your ideas are amazing I don’t know where you get them! Puss chair, kitten album, the costume! You both work so hard for worthy causes especially animals!

I’ll be thinking off you and it seems as if it won’t be too hot after all thank goodness! I’ll just pray that the rain stays off!

Anyway have fun I’ll on the lookout for updates but I just know your event will be the cats whiskers!!!!

May 29, 2012 roflol NEW
by: Jane A

roflol at your thinking cap Ruth, is it a bucket?
Barbara your family album is a hoot, how clever of you!
The posters tell the story in a sort of series and I’ll be sad when the last one is on.
I think it would be great if other fund raisers shared their events this way or even just photos.
What lovely scenery where you live, is it as peaceful as it looks?

May 29, 2012 These boots are made for walkin…. NEW
by: Barbara

Rose you’d be very welcome to have the pusschair afterwards if we can solve the logistics of getting it to you, Cat Lover there will be loads of photos I’m sure and I’m sure Ruth will do one last article on it. There will be some on Facebook as well.

Barbara avatar

May 29, 2012 WOW NEW
by: Cat lover

What a fantastic amount and that’s before your collection!
I’ve been enjoying this series of blogs and look forward to the one after the event.
PLEASE let us have lots of photos.
Good luck on the day.

May 29, 2012 Brilliant NEW
by: Rose

You’ll certainly attract lots of attention with that puss-chair Barbara,it’s brilliant.
I’m defo going to pinch your idea for a fund raiser in the future.
WAY TO GO,knock ’em dead on Thursday and get so much money that securicor have to take you home.

May 29, 2012 Getting near now NEW
by: Barbara

Thank you Mrs M, I’ve had a heck of a lot of help from my dear sis and a lot of very kind people have sponsored me, to the tune of £277! I never in my wildest dreams expected to raise that amount of money and am really grateful to everyone who has donated. It’s getting scarily near now,one good thing is that the weather has cooled down a bit so I shouldn’t melt in my cat clothes. There’ll be another bulletin after the event!

Barbara avatar

May 28, 2012 Wonderful NEW
by: Mrs M

I’m lost for words, the pusschair is fantastic and you will surely draw the crowds to put lots of lovely money in your collecting tin Barbara.
What a lot of thought and work has gone into this fund raiser. I’m well impressed!
I can hardly wait until after the event now to see your photos.

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