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Our friends here at PoC already know how much my sister Barbara and I love cats and that we raise funds in various ways for the cats at our local Animal Sanctuary Kays Hill and for our local Cats Protection branch too.

I thought you may enjoy coming on our latest ‘journey’ with us from the very beginning.

I say us, but this time I won’t be taking part on the actual day as this is a project thought up by Babz and a colleague from another branch of The Co-operative Funeralcare, the company they work for.

However I am giving them my full support with the preparation and hope to take lots of photos to share here.

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Poster by Ruth AKA Kattaddorra

On 31st May they are doing a sponsored walk of 4 miles, from Barbara’s office in our town, to the next town. Babz dressed as a cat and Julee as a dog. She is raising funds for her local animal shelter too.

They are then collecting in that town which is bigger and busier than ours and if they raise more than £100 each, the company they work for will top each of them up with another £100 for their charity.

Babz is doing this for Cats Protection this time as Kays Hill had their turn last time with receiving the money raised at our recent Coffee Morning for them.

Our local Cats Protection had a very expensive time over three of the cats abandoned last year, next door to where we live.

Marion our CP Co-ordinator took them from Kays Hill who originally rescued the remaining ten cats late one night after the RSPCA took four ill cats away, before the locks of the house were changed next day, to help with the expense of their care until their rehoming.

Cats Protection paid for their inoculations and microchipping and the expensive veterinary treatment which two of them needed.

Sadly, one has since been PTS, he was settling happily into his new home when he became ill and it was discovered he had cancer. Despite the best treatment possible from the vet he was PTS as his quality of life became poor.

R.I.P beautiful boy.

Happily the other two cats are settled and content and in good health now.

Babz is one very brave and resourceful lady, dressing up as a single parent cat, which unspayed queen cats end up as of course and pushing a pram with all her ‘babies’ in and posters showing how many kittens an unspayed cat can produce in her lifetime.

She was kindly given an old ‘puss-chair’ although the woman who donated it confessed she is afraid of cats!

How awful to be afraid of cats, poor soul! I can’t imagine that.

This event as well as raising much needed funds for CP, is to promote the spaying of female cats (and the castration of male cats too of course) and good cat care, also the benefits of microchipping in case a cat ever strays away from home.

We’ve raked around our local charity shops and found some black velvet trousers, a black furry dressing gown and some white furry material, to adapt into her black and white cat costume!
She has her tail and ears from previous fund raising and when we think up how to make her a furry head and whiskery face she will look amazing that’s for sure lol and attract lots of attention on the day.

I’m not asking here for sponsors from PoC as we have no way to collect any money on-line and I’m sure our cat loving friends will help raise well over the £100 to achieve the top up and make this a great success. She has £40 promised already.

I just thought you might all enjoy sharing this fun way of fund raising, with us.

If so, I’ll be back to update on how all the preparations are coming along and of course after the day itself is over, with the story and pictures of how it all went.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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May 11, 2012 can’t wait NEW
by: leanne

over the years ALL the help you have both given, not just financially, has mounted up and up. the number of cats you have helped must run into the thousands. i’m sure that with all the love being sent to you from all those little furry hearts and souls you’ll continue doing weird and wonderful things like this to help even more cats in need find their safe place. as i’ve said before, can’t wait to see you as a mammy cat and can’t wait to see how fantastically well you’ve done. see you both soon.

May 10, 2012 re no probs by Leanne NEW
by: Barbara

Thanks for your support, Ruth and I have some very good friends between us. I’ve done it as a cat before, in Aycliffe Tescos again for CP a few years ago before we met you lot at KH, can’t remember the total raised now but it was a good sum and I did have some fun, I think sometimes people give something just because you have the nerve to make a nana of yourself don’t you? But this is taking it to new heights for me, I’ve never had a decorated pusschair before LOL (or any pusschair come to that)three weeks today is the day. Ooooer!

Barbara avatar

May 10, 2012 Thank you’s NEW
by: Barbara

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Dorothy for contributing via the donate button, your kindness is very much appreciated. And thank you to Kath G who brought in a donation to me at work today.

Barbara avatar

May 10, 2012 no probs babz NEW
by: leanne

thats ok barbara, i just wanted you to know that we support you in what you’re doing and we wanted you to know that just cos this time it is’nt for us we were still behind you. we think its a great idea and can’t wait to see you as a mammy cat with her kittens. i’ve done collecting before both dressed as a dog and a chicken. you get some funny comments but its all good fun so i’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience, as long as it dos’nt pelt down like it is at the moment, but even if it does it might work in your favour, you’ll definately get the sympathy vote if you’re both soaked through!!!

May 09, 2012 Please no rain NEW
by: Barbara

Thanks Jane A, I am a bit worried about the weather incase my kittens get wet as they don’t have a hood on the pusschair! There will definitely be pics afterwards!
Meanwhile I now have £85 in sponsorship which is brilliant, I’m not far short of qualifying for the booster fund extra £100 now

Barbara avatar

May 09, 2012 Good luck NEW
by: Jane A

lol what a crazy but wonderful idea and I’m sure you’ll raise lots of lovely money for CP Barbara.

Please keep on keeping us updated so we can join in the fun.

I do hope it doesn’t rain that day.
I can’t wait to see the pics.
Good luck.

May 09, 2012 Thanks again NEW
by: Barbara

Thanks very much for all the encouraging comments, thank you to Leah and Michele for their kind donations. Leanne of Kays Hill also offered a donation but we all know how hard they work at KH and how much they need every penny for all the animals in their care, I really don’t want to take from one good cause to give to another, so I hope Leanne you take it in the right way when I say please don’t worry about contributing. Thank you Micheal, we thought the costume was coming on but it all went sadly wrong and we had to start again (what would I do without my sister?)and Elisa yes you should pop over here for the day, I think you’d have fun. And Anonymous thanks for your good wishes, you sound as though you’ve had some bad experiences with people, it does knock the stuffing out of you, I think there are more good than bad people in the world, but that might just be wishful thinking. I do know though that PoC is full of lovely supporting people

Barbara avatar

May 08, 2012 i wanna! NEW
by: Elisa

I wanna come and hang out with you ladies awhile. We’d have a ball! 🙂

May 08, 2012 Thank you and update
by: Ruth

Thanks Leah for always supporting us whatever we do, you know every penny is appreciated by our charities and by us.

Michele you are a star, such a generous donation of £30, the running total promised now is £75.

Leanne bless you for offering to sponsor Babz, but you really need every penny at Kays Hill for all the cats in your care and you still have poor little Gimpy almost a year after those cats were abandoned. She seems very settled with you, but who knows, maybe you’ll work one of your miracles and find her the ideal home one day.

Well, we hit a snag yesterday.
We were working on the furry parts of Babz costume and she was absolutely sweltered modelling it, which made us worried that walking 4 miles and then standing around in the thick top part of her costume if it’s a warm day, would be very uncomfortable.
So back to the drawing board and she came up with a lighter black top she dug out of her wardrobe, all to begin sewing the white furry bits into again. But it will be much better and we’ve time yet to perfect it.
Me pinning her tail in the right place was very scary for her (and for me too as that job could have caused an ear shattering scream) but thankfully I pinned it to the material and not to her real posterior lol lol
We have of course our own 2 black and white boyz to consult and can’t fail to get it exactly right with their ‘help’ lol

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 07, 2012 What a good idea
by: Anonymous

Raising funds and educating at the same time, what a good idea.
I hope you do well Barbara, it’s people like you make me remember the world isn’t full of all bad people, it just seems so at times.

May 07, 2012 Admire
by: Michael

I admire you for doing this. Bold behavior. Great cause. I love the straightforward honesty and goodness in this.

Well done Babz. You look great by the way.

May 07, 2012 Replies from the bottom of the page upwards.
by: Barbara

Hi Dorothy, thanks for your kind comment we do have a button as it happens for anyone kind enough to donate to a cause many miles from them, it’s on the Cats Protection co-ordinator’s blog, she has set up a button solely for the sponsored walk funds and it’s here:
I’m hoping that it being a bit out of the ordinary, cat with pusschair,it might grab people’s attention, it’s so hard for charities these days isn’t it?
Keenpetite, thank you also for commenting, and for thinking my idea is stupendous, I really hope to get the message across how important neutering cats is, I also hope to raise some good money for CP because of course they give out neutering vouchers which helps low income families to do the right thing by their cat.
Maggie, thanks for the pat on my back (could have a tickle under my ears if I had my cat-kit on)I have some leaflets supplied by CP to hand out, i also have some posters prepared to attach to my pusschair, I will be a sight to behold with CP themed bunting and balloons too. there will be pictures afterwards LOL.
Michele, how well you know me and my hatred of “strollers for cats” but in this case I need something to transport my kindle of kittens, being a single parent cat with no kitten care, I’m indebted to a lady called Claire who gave me the pusschair even though she’s frightened of cats.
Rose you would be most welcome to pinch the idea, you can have the pusschair afterwards if it helps (if we could get it to you!)anything to help promote good cat care gets my support.
Edward, please don’t you or Mrs Ed hit yourselves on the head with hammers, good cat people like you are too valuable to be knocked out cold! You’re right CP and Kays Hill are both great and that is why we want to help them and to pay them back for their kindness to the abandoned cats.
Mrs M, I think you might be right, I think we will get the £100 before the day of the walk even dawns, so we’ll be assured of the booster fund £100 and anything else we make on the day will be a bonus!

Thanks very much for your enthusiasm everyone, if I’m given permission by thei individuals I’ll put on here the donations that have been made. The costume is coming along, but I’m having a bit of bother with headgear and ears.

Barbara avatar

May 07, 2012 Brilliant!!
by: Leah (England)

You two have so much fun and do so much for charities I don’t know where you find the energy!!

Have to say I admire you so much.

I know your day will be a huge success and I’ll send a donation via my usual method!!

Go for it!!

May 07, 2012 To Edward
by: Ruth

Yes there were 15 cats, one went back to her previous home, she got her under false pretences anyway, she’s well and happy.
Only one is left to rehome now, she’s very nervous and needs someone special to love her.
The woman was at Court last week, found guilty and fined £250 and banned from keeping animals for 2 years.
She got off very lightly!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 07, 2012 great idea (and great fun too)
by: leanne

once again our cat loving friends have come up with a brill idea for fundraising and educating. we can’t wait to see babz as a mammy cat with all her kittens. its a fantastic idea and we know you’ll do a really good job. we know marion will be over the moon with your efforts and the money raised will help even more cats in need.
go girls!!

May 06, 2012 ooh yes keep us updated
by: Mrs M

Barbara I expect you will easily raise your £100 for the top up when people see you in your catsuit lol
Oh I wish I lived near, I’d be there to cheer you on.
Ruth please keep us updated and with photos.
I’m so going to enjoy following this.
I support our local CP, it’s a fantastic charity.

May 06, 2012 Such a good idea
by: Edward

Man that is such a good idea and brave too walking that far dressed up I think the cats costume is going to be purrfect.
Im sad about the cat who died and I thought there was 15 abandoned in that house and what happened to the other one and did the woman get wrong about it ever.
I hate people who dont look after their cats for ever no one should get cats if they cant because they are our family.
Mrs Ed and me would rather hit ourselves very hard on the head with a big hammer each than ill treat or desert our cats.
I think Cats Protection league are great and Kayshill as well.

May 06, 2012 Great idea
by: Rose

Well done Babz and Julee,what a great idea.
I might pinch it if it goes well for you,please keep us updated Ruth,I love the pics so far.

May 06, 2012 Single mother cat – what a great idea for educating pet owners
by: Michele S.

Knowing how much time you and Babz devote to animal welfare education and fund-raising, I was a little taken aback when I saw the photo of the puss-chair. I thought to myself “What on earth is Babz doing with a pet stroller?”

Then when I read the article I realised that Babz is (very cleverly) going to use it show people why it’s so important to neuter our cats and kittens. You two ladies really do have a talent for coming up with imaginitive (and effective) ways of promoting animal welfare.

Good luck with your sponsored walk Babz, I’m sure you’ll do us proud as always.

May 06, 2012 Sounds great!
by: Maggie

Wow! What a great idea! A big pat on the back for Babz!!!! I love the idea of her being an unspayed cat, by pushing around a pram with her ‘kittens’ in it. That is just such a wonderful idea, I hope people get the message! Maybe Babz could also hand out flyers with information about desexing, and the consequences for not doing it?

Best of luck! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

May 05, 2012 Raising funds for nedy cats !
by: Anonymous

Stupendous idea to help the lesser ones.
Surely hope that cart symbolizing the number of kittens born to a single female cat strikes a cord that its a must to spay/neuter then the cycle of unwanted kittens will stop.
My best wishes in this fund raiser.
Southeast Arizona (USA)

May 05, 2012 PayPal
by: Dorothy

It is so easy to set up. You can receive money from all over the world. This is just the kind of project so many of us love. Maybe Michael can help.


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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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