She films her partner throwing their cat and posts the video online. Death threats follow.

I don’t understand. This is strange behavior from a couple, Kyle Smith and Kyle Allen, in Salt Lake City. They have a cat and a dog. The man decides to throw the cat. It’s quite a hefty throw and not something you’d even think about doing. It is cat cruelty. There is no denying it but the cat was unharmed fortunately.

The next strange aspect of this odd episode is that his female partner filmed it and posted the video to Snapchat. It got picked up of course and went viral because cat lovers and any decent person saw what it is: callous cat abuse. Screenshots of the video were taken by the viewers although I should imagine the video has now been deleted.

The video does not show for me. If you want to see it please click on this link. It’s a news video on Quite interesting.

He threw his cat while partner filmed it
He threw his cat while partner filmed it
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Viewers harangued the couple. There were death threats. The woman is in tears over it and genuinely worried for her safety.

They have a supportive family. The police are investigating which may lead to charges. It is another classic yet manic desire to achieve notoriety while disregarding the consequences.

The guy does not explain his behaviour in the video on this page but he says it was a difficult moment and he agrees that animal cruelty is unacceptable; not a very profound statement. Perhaps they had a row. Perhaps it was about the cat. These things happen.

Perhaps she filmed it and posted it online to get back at him. It worked but she also has been verbally attacked and threatened. And now the police are involved too. What a mess. And the cat is the convenient victim in the middle. It is often like that.


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4 thoughts on “She films her partner throwing their cat and posts the video online. Death threats follow.”

  1. This young man has a strange look that I don’t trust, even if I didn’t know about him throwing the cat. Actually, neither one of them seems trustworthy to me.

    I’m glad to see he’s going to court for animal abuse. I hope he has to do some community service with animals.

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