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She has 11 rescue cats, is married, and works out of a mobile home as a prostitute — 4 Comments

  1. i say BRAVO to this lady she is doing something in her life and she is making sure it is basically legal financially. By helping out animals and it sounds like she loves doing it. So what if she prostitutes she loves doing it. She also is very picky on who she does it with sounds like.

    • I totally agree. I think she is a woman who should be praised. There is nothing illegal or wrong with what she does. In fact she does a lot of good. Like I said I admire her. She is a free thinker and determined.

  2. Who are we to judge her lifestyle? It’s none of our business any way. She’s not hurting anyone as her clients are over the age of consent, her husband knows about it all, she pays taxes apparently and she is doing incredibly good things for animals. Especially when a lot of so called conventional marriages fail, shelters and rescues are overflowing and never have enough money, and animals are dumped and abused by so called upright standing citizens. Just last week a so called church group killed a colony of cats just for existing in their basement. Actually in a horrible slow painful way. Hypocrites. So bravo to this lady.

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