She has 11 rescue cats, is married, and works out of a mobile home as a prostitute

I tried it, loved it and knew I could make money”

“I love animals so I get a kick out of the fact that my work helps me give a lot of money to animal charities..”

Kirie. I like her because she is smart, sensible and independent-minded. Photo: Channel 4.
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“I get paid in cash, but everything I get paid goes in a book and at the end of the week I take it to my accountant and he works everything out.”

I have a lot of admiration for this woman, whose name is Kirie. She works three days a week as a prostitute, seeing up to 30 men a day, working out of a mobile home. She then has four days off at her home where she lives with her husband, 11 rescue cats and two dogs. She feels she has earned the days rest as the working days are hard.

She runs her own registered company and pays VAT and taxes like anybody else who runs a small business. She is very keen to do everything properly and rightly says that she does nothing wrong.

She loves animals as is proved by the fact that she looks after 11 rescue cats and two dogs. She gives money to animal charities and she can afford to do so because her earnings are substantial although she won’t disclose them.

She has never been attacked or bothered by the men to whom she provides her service. Her male partner drives the mobile home and I’m sure his presence has something to do with the fact that her clients never bother her.

She never asks her clients for their name and many of them are married. She will do almost anything they ask except animals, rough staff and they have to be over 21 years of age.

She loves her work and previously she worked in a factory making chess pieces and trained as a nurse. She wants to go on doing it as long as she can. She started at age 25 and is now in her 30s.

Bravo Kirie, I like your style. And you love animals. That’s why I admire. That and your single-minded free spirit.

P.S. Her husband has to accept her work. She told him before getting married and he agreed. I sense their marriage is stable.

4 thoughts on “She has 11 rescue cats, is married, and works out of a mobile home as a prostitute”

  1. i say BRAVO to this lady she is doing something in her life and she is making sure it is basically legal financially. By helping out animals and it sounds like she loves doing it. So what if she prostitutes she loves doing it. She also is very picky on who she does it with sounds like.

    • I totally agree. I think she is a woman who should be praised. There is nothing illegal or wrong with what she does. In fact she does a lot of good. Like I said I admire her. She is a free thinker and determined.

  2. Who are we to judge her lifestyle? It’s none of our business any way. She’s not hurting anyone as her clients are over the age of consent, her husband knows about it all, she pays taxes apparently and she is doing incredibly good things for animals. Especially when a lot of so called conventional marriages fail, shelters and rescues are overflowing and never have enough money, and animals are dumped and abused by so called upright standing citizens. Just last week a so called church group killed a colony of cats just for existing in their basement. Actually in a horrible slow painful way. Hypocrites. So bravo to this lady.


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