She has experienced two major traumatic events and has PTSD. She cares for cats (audio interview)

Cats cared for by Michelle
Cats cared for by Michelle
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In this audio interview I’m speaking to Michelle. She is an American living in Florida. She contributes to the website (for which I thank her) and she loves animals and cats.

The reason why I wanted to speak to her is because she finds caring for cats therapeutic. Michelle is for the underdog. She has ‘supreme anger at cat abusers’ but is generally happy-go-lucky nowadays. She suffers from PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) due primarily to two major traumatic events which she discusses in the interview. Also she was abused as a child and a cat she loved was shot and beaten to death.

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She stresses that the reason why she looks after the cats is not mainly because they are good for her. The main reason is because she wants to help the cats. She cares. Perhaps her tough life strengthens her desire to care.

It is an exceptional life in many ways. Not many of us go through the events that Michelle has experienced. It has been quite shockingly tough for her and I feel that she is very brave to talk about it to me on the telephone.

There is this nice connection, though, between a very difficult past and now looking after eight cats which I feel bring some solace to her.

The audio file is about 10 minutes long. I would urge you, please, to listen to the entire file. It’s very tender and heartrending really. It’s very human and so very real to Michelle. By this I mean that the past still affects her. I think you can hear that in her voice.

P.S. If anyone would like to talk to me on the phone about their cats and themselves please contact me. I am always interested in the day-to-day guardianship of cats. There is a story there. We all have a story. Please tell it. Email me: mj********@gm***.com

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3 thoughts on “She has experienced two major traumatic events and has PTSD. She cares for cats (audio interview)”

  1. Michelle, you are beautiful in all you do, for the cats, for all of us who you share your story with. Thank you for telling us about your life and how you have come to where you are now, cat guardian, angel, true steward.

    Trauma rips open our doors, it can let in that which can soothe, holding us safe in it’s own need. We can focus on that need, move on a little, less hindered by distraction. That’s one very precious circle there, and the longest road.

    A person like you knows more about love, about healing than most people could care to imagine existed.

    I am humbled by you, totally.

    Peace out x

  2. This is my article. I was very nervous as I’ve never done a taped interview. So if anything is offensive it’s not meant too be please accept my apology.

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