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She is Married to Her Feline Husbands and Happy — 6 Comments

  1. Its a good article Michael, but I think you have written about Barberella before as i can remember and if I am not wrong, but thank you <3

  2. lol good for her, I’d far rather marry a cat than any man, but the sad thing for her will be that the odds are that her husbands won’t live as long as she does. Will she remarry then? 😉
    A bit off topic but I had a friend who said he would rather marry the van he drove, than any woman lol

    • LOL1
      I would rather marry any inanimate object before a man, even my soap dish.
      Good god! Look at them today.
      Swishy, whimpy, couldn’t saw a board if their life depended on it, empty promises…
      And, if they can’t hang a picture or curtain rod, run for your life!

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