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She must be stupid if she believes cutting the speed limit will save her cats from being run over — 5 Comments

  1. If your pet causes an accident here you may find yourself liable. Aside from her cats being killed she is risking the life of a good soul who might reflex to avoid and cause and accident or get out in the road to try and save the cat. She’s quite selfish along with everything else.

  2. My thoughts on this_Any animal or human can be run over by a vehicle going slow as well. All it takes is a catch of a paw or foot under the rolling wheel. She should keep her cats confined if she can’t train them to stay out of the road. All of my Maine Coons are well trained, and stay clear of the roadways, even though we have an invisible fence !

    An animal will take a nap under a car and I always rattle my keys and look underneath BEFORE starting the engine.

  3. I agree with the conclusion that keeping cats indoors forever would save them from dying on the roadway IF they never, EVER got out. But if you have anyone at all, even a few people who let their cats roam, high speed vehicles are still deadly… but by how much? To me it’s worth asking, to what degree and why not make the roads a little safer for all animals and humans? My question would be: at what speed, beyond which are cats unable to safely judge safe crossing, or better, at what speed below which does it start to make a difference? Let’s hypothesize that 43mph (69kph) (the speed of the fastest horse) is the upper speed after which it makes no difference, and that 37mph (59.5kph) and below they are more likely than not to be able to judge an approaching vehicle and avoid it. 40mph (64kph) seems a reasonable allowance especially considering such a narrow road (as pictured). Usually freeway speeds are reserved for wider roads I think. My ideal solution to handle this would be for all to give a little. A reduced speed would benefit all and not hinder traffic so much that civilization suffers or grinds to a halt… I mean police and fire crews can still speed as much as they want. AND cat owners could also keep their cats inside during peak traffic hours, else-wise if they get hit at that time, the owner has no one to blame but themselves. If everyone trained their cats (as I do) to come to me when called, that could be done.

  4. She certainly doesn’t seem to be very bright, 4 cats in four years, most people would learn after the first accident and keep the next cat indoors.

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