She saw a kitten struck by a vehicle and thrown across an eight lane highway. Then something beautiful happened.

Madison, Wisconsin, USA: There is a massive highway running around the south of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. It is called the Beltline. It is four lanes wide on both sides. It was a snowy Saturday and Hannah Schlumberger was driving east approaching the Rimrock Road exit.

Eight lane Beltline where cat was hit by traffic
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Eight lane Beltline where kitten was hit by traffic

She saw a tiny black-and-white kitten dart across the highway, “Oh, it was heartbreaking”.

Hannah is an animal lover and didn’t want to see that. It is hard to watch as it creates a painful emotional response and how can you save the cat?

Hannah said that she was mentally pulling over to rescue the cat, “I wasn’t thinking clearly as a lot of people will tell you”.

Hannah adopts her kitten who she tried to rescue on highway

Hannah adopts her kitten who she tried to rescue on highway

As I understand the story, Hannah, ran along the side of the highway but police stopped her just before she was about to rescue the kitten.

The kitten then scurries off into the traffic, terrified of everything swirling around. He is hit by a vehicle and thrown into the air across the highway.

“Seeing something that awful eats away at you”.

She is so right. If animal lovers see something like that it hurts emotionally and it can be hard to remove the ‘image’ from the mind.

Hannah and her mother spent hours on the Beltline searching for the kitten. They firmly believed that there was no chance he could have survived the impact. Hannah was badly shaken by the incident.

Moving forward several weeks, Hannah sees a video which is below.

She starts crying, “I’m pretty sure I started crying”. She knew that ‘her kitten’ had survived that dangerous highway and some how had been rescued, treated by a vet and adopted via the Dane County Humane society. He had lost one of his hind legs and been named Brooks.

Hannah was a little sad at knowing ‘her kitten’ had been adopted by someone else. But the story was not yet over. The adoption fell through and Hannah jumped at the chance.

“It was meant to be. He’s just a little soul and he’s just, oh my gosh, he brings me so much joy.”

P.S. It is not recommended that people stop on a highway like this to save a cat but it does happen and they are brave people. It is very dangerous for cat and human.

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