She uses her hairbrush on her cats

Persian cat being combed
Persian cat being combed
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Would you use your hairbrush on your cat? I have to say that I can feel the pleasure it brings to this ginger Persian. Uhmm…it feels good. That very long fur needs continual maintenance to avoid matting.

I like the fact that she is using her hairbrush on her cat. It shows a closeness between her and her feline companion. She is treating her cat as an equal and as a true family member. I’ll speculate and say that not many people would use the same brush for themselves and their cat. Or perhaps I am wrong.

It is interesting because I have just remembered that I use the same flea comb on my cat and myself 😉 . However, don’t misinterpret this snippet of private info! I don’t have fleas. Nor does my cat, incidentally. He’s never had fleas except for the day after he was taken by me from his foster carer. He’d picked them up at his foster carer’s home. I combed the single flea out and he’s been flea-free ever since. Not one.

I use the comb to scratch my head! LOL. At nighttime or in the morning when I am snoozing with my cat on the bed with me, I might comb him and then myself albeit I do this rarely. Of course, I see my cat as a total equal to me. There is no question of any other way of relating to him.

Road sweeper brushes street cat
Road sweeper brushes street cat

This is an interesting topic. What percentage of cat guardians relate to their cat as a complete equal? The better the cat owner the more likely they are to see their cats as equals. It is a concept that befuddles cat haters. They always relate to animals as inferior beings. This allows them to abuse and use animals.

It’s backward thinking. If you go back in time far enough you’ll find that the prevailing beliefs at that time would be that animals don’t feel pain and are unthinking, entirely instinctive creatures placed on earth by God to serve their human masters.

Thankfully times are a changing and we are gradually losing a bit of our human arrogance and starting to appreciate the intelligence and value of animals with whom we share the planet. When we do that we use our hairbrush to comb our Persian cats!

One last point: trolls to this website are invariably arrogant. If one word describes them it is ARROGANCE. They have this unimpeachable belief that they know it all and can talk down to people who like cats. They may be intelligent people but they destroy any credibility they have by their arrogant insults towards others.

They don’t realise it but it is they who are living in the Dark Ages of the human-to-animal relationship. They are blind to it. Their arrogance blinds them.

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