She Won Us Over

She Won Us Over

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About 5 months or so my husband and I looked to find a cat at a few places. Later that week we walked down the trash and a cat followed us. We went down to pet her. She was just so friendly and we fell in love.

We went back to our apartment. The next couple days she just stayed around our place. We gave her food on our back deck. She started following us inside our apt after that.

Not two days later I came home from work and I had a cat in my apartment to stay.

My husband had that, "oh please" look on his face. We made sure she was not sick and cleaned her up.

They only thing is she came with four more just a little after that. Unfortunately we could not keep all of them. We kept them for nine months until they were ready to go on their own.

We made sure to pick them up since day one, so they would be people friendly. We got to keep one, but had to find homes for the other three.

Today I just can't stop crying because I feel like I lost my little children. How I wished I had the money, and a bigger place to keep them all.

Knowing though that we saved the mommy and now we can find the kittens great homes. I just can't believe people could just throw their cats outside like that in the first place.

How do you live with yourself knowing they're outside fending for themselves.

So before taking a cat in, make sure you are 100% ready, and please get your cat fixed!!

They're strayed because someone just let them out.


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