Sheela the Truckin’ Cat/dog

by Sherri
(Vancouver, WA)

Keep on Truckin'

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Keep on Truckin'

Sheela found her way into our lives as a kitten 6 years ago. The most interesting thing about Sheela is that she acts more like a dog than a cat.

She instantly throws herself on her back at the door the minute you get home, begging for a good belly scratching.

She sets up for treats and rolls over on command. She is very patient and enjoys being dressed up in costumes. She does have a few true cat traits; she loves to kick the scratch in her litter box half way across the room, and cannot (refuses) be leash trained.

Sheela loves the semi and has been all over the United States with my husband and I (truck drivers).

Here is a picture of her giving us directions in Montana! I knew that she was some type of Maine Coon, but now I know for sure that she is a Tiffany.


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Sheela the Truckin' Cat/dog

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Jan 20, 2011
Hi Sheeri
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing and showing. I like your story because I like it when a cat gets out and lives a bit especially when it is safe to do do and with his or her human companion.

It's unusual for a cat to share a cab with a person and like it. Most cats don't like travelling in a vehicle it seems to me.

I took both my cats overland to the west coast of Ireland from central London about 25 years ago! After a while they got used to being in the car and the girl cat plonked herself on the dashboard for a good part of the journey. We smuggled them onto the ferry that crossed the Irish Sea!

Sheela is a very handsome cat. I am sure she has become an excellent map reader.

Michael Avatar

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