Sheep’s wool used as dietary fibre supplement in cat food

Sheep's wool used as dietary fibre supplement in cat food

Sheep’s wool used as dietary fibre supplement in cat food

When wool proteins are extracted from sheeps’ wool by hydrolysis the product (‘wool hydrolysate’) can be used as dietary fibre in pet food to improve gut health to the same extent as conventional pet food dietary fibres. So why use sheeps’ wool as a source of dietary fibre in cat food? The answer is because sheep farmers want to find new markets for their product: wool. The title to the post sounds as if the pet food manufacturers are taking the mickey out of consumers again but I don’t think that is the case because the end product is nothing like the source product: wool.

You can read the study summary (abstract) by clicking on this link. It is called: The effects of a wool hydrolysate on short-chain fatty acid production and fecal microbial composition in the domestic cat (Felis catus) by Santanu Deb-Choudhury and colleagues at AgResearch.

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