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Shelter Cats At Christmas. Let’s Think of Them — 9 Comments

  1. Its horrible that this problem is man made and that people just won’t get their cats neutered. These poor cats that no one seems to want are the product of someones whim and are then discarded like an old toy thrown out before Christmas makes me so sad when I think of them 🙁

  2. It’s horrible to think of cats in Shelters being killed because no one wants them and what makes it even worse is that it’s to make room for more unwanted cats who will be eventually killed too.
    I can’t see how the staff/volunteers can stand working in those kill shelters unless they become hardened and think of cats as numbers, not individual loving creatures. I wonder how many pack in because they can’t take any more? How many have mental trauma from the job?
    I know from working for vets what it’s like to watch healthy animals die, it affected me for life. I couldn’t walk away because I felt I wanted to save the ones I could, but I would never do that job again, nor work in a kill shelter if I was American.
    When a person dies, even a wicked person, they are counted and registered and given a funeral and even mourned by their family.
    Yet day after day animals are killed, disposed of uncounted and unmourned.
    It’s a terribly cruel and sad world for many animals.

    • I think PTSD is rampant among shelter workers.
      I’ve mentioned before that I have seen some that have only what I can describes as “dead eyes”. No emotion, no spontaneity, just going through motions.

      • It’s terrible that most of the people who cause all this killing by relinquishing or dumping their cats like unwanted possessions, most likely don’t give them another thought.
        So a sensitive person working in a kill shelter suffers guilt and grief while ignorant uncaring people walk away and leave their cats to their fate.
        Working for vets I had to be strong for clients with very ill pets, many times, but it caught up with me later, I don’t see how anyone can watch animals die without being affected.

  3. No surprise, I’m sure, but I can’t stand thinking about the cats in shelters.
    My heart bleeds.
    Probably, December 26th will be a huge kill day. I’m sure most shelters will just wait until then when holiday adoptions are over.

  4. Good news for the area I live in. Pet Stores are no longer able to sell anything but rescues in the City of Phoenix. I hope the rest of our cities follow suit.

    It is a great time to adopt from a shelter, but do not give someone a pet they are unwilling to care for. That is the worst thing you can do to a poor animal.

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