Shelter euthanasia is taking a mental toll: Animal rescuer sounds off in Facebook viral video

Heather Skow
Heather Skow. Screenshot.
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This video comes from Zach Skow and is one that every animal lover should see. Zach gave the intro back in April on his Facebook page as his wife Heather gives us an idea of the torment shelter staff, volunteers and those in rescue face on a daily basis. It’s been viewed more than 451K times (and counting) and shared more than 7.8K times.

I seriously urge each of you to take seven minutes out of your day to listen to the message in the video below as Heather Skow delivers this important message through her tears (Facebook videos are slow to load).


“After a long day at the shelter, my wife couldn’t help but speak truthfully and honestly from the heart about what she saw. Our culture likes to blame the shelter for loss of life instead of taking accountability for how we have created a culture of death in our society. It’s about time we got with the program and took accountability.”

This is the truth about what goes on in shelters across the country. Until there’s a way to change the mindset of people who would rather spend $5,000 on a dog (or cat) rather than get that exact same breed (minus the paperwork) at a local shelter, the problem will continue.

Until there are laws requiring mandatory spay/neuter for the general public and more laws put into place for breeders to prevent the never-ending cycle of puppy mill breeding, the problem will continue. Are you really THAT vain that you won’t be happy without a ‘signature’ pet? Really? Your closed-minded mentality is driving people in animal rescue to suicide!

Overpopulation of dogs and cats is a people problem. Think of the backyard breeders who allow their dogs to have litter after litter of unhealthy pups (because the mother is kept in horrid conditions) and then take the mother dog to the local shelter, along with any puppies they couldn’t sell.

I realize there are a lot of respectable breeders our there, many of whom follow this website. For each respectable breeder, there are likely 100 more, 1000 more who breed in unsanitary conditions for the sole purpose of making a profit. Or they want their cat or dog to have just one more litter before being spayed/neutered.

Progress is being made in states who are banning pet shops from selling anything other than rescue/shelter pets. But what’s it going to take to convince people they SHOULD adopt shelter pets? Animal advocates preach this on a daily basis. It’s shameful very few are listening.

Heather speaks the truth. Want a purebred? Check the shelter. Want a declawed cat? A purebred cat? Yep, the shelter has plenty of those as well.

rescue dog
Heather has a 2-legged rescue dog (Heather Skow)

Heather has a two-legged rescue dog. She works in real estate in the Southern California area and donates $500 or 5% from her commission to a rescue of her client’s choice.

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