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Shelter fosters given responsibility to market cats and find adopters — 5 Comments

  1. Like Dee I’d be concerned about what would happen if the cats weren’t adopted in the 2 months, it would be horrible for them to have to go back to the shelter after being in a proper home. Would the fosterer feel pressured to keep the cats if that happened? If so then the Shelter would surely run out of fosterers.
    Cats Protection have a network of fosterers here and a friend had fostered one cat for 3 years, the cat has special needs and she felt obliged to keep her, even though she’s disabled herself and found it hard. By some miracle, recently someone came along to adopt the cat and it was very hard after 3 years to let her go, but thankfully she’s settled in her new home now.

  2. This concept is pretty ideal but I can’t see it really workable. The shelter is asking a whole lot from folks.

    I know quite a lot of wonderful fosterers, many who don’t even receive compensation for the day to day cat needs. To ask more of them, like marketing, would be pretty ballsy. I would hate to see fosterers “quit” because they’re expected to do much more when the shelter has paid staff that could be utilized. I think the better solution would be to have a shelter reorganization and create a better marketing venue than facebook.

    What would happen to the fostered animals after the 2 month period? Back to the shelter?

    • Unfortunately they go back to the shelter after the two month period. But many times a rescue or adoption will happen on the second go round. We helped them with foster care for a few years. Many of the cats were only with us for 2 weeks until the rescue coordinators had time to contact rescues and then we’d take the cat back to the shelter and switch out a few more. All of them were pulled on the day they would have been euthanized.

      That’s why I get so angry about the Julianne Westberry case. Any time a foster or rescue has a serious situation the shelter is willing to help. We were able to rehome two dozen cats with their help in February 2012. The cats all went to their adoption floor except one, who went to a local rescue.

      You’re buying the cat or dog time. And the way I proactively write the urgent lists now it really puts the animal out there so chances are better at finding a home.

  3. There is an argument that all rescue cats should be with fosterers and out of noisy shelter facilities where cats are more likely to get a disease and be in a smaller cage etc. I would have thought a cat living with a foster parent would be more content and healthier.

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