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Shelter “Killed Injured Kittens in a Freezer” — 1 Comment

  1. I could without a second thought stuff the person who came up with this idea and then BTW expected employees to follow order, march them into a freezer and bolt the door and walk away.
    What I can hope for in reality that they are indicted brought to trail found guilty and then tossed in prison for a significant period of time and end up with a felony on their personal record that makes every holding down a job with substantial pay highly unlikely.
    And out of the blue a memory from a conversation years ago with an ex-SIL who talked about putting some of the unwanted kittens on the property into the freezer to kill them. I wonder how common this is. It’s not humane it’s out of sight out of mind type thinking. She was a very abusive parent who I threatened to call child protective services on right before they finally separated and the husband got full custody. I told her I’d call the police if I found out she was doing something like this.

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