Shelter kitten sits on adopter’s foot and still sleeps on her left leg every night

This is a cute story from social media. A lady reports that she went to a cat or animal shelter to adopt a kitten. She said that she walked into the shelter and was taken to a room where the kittens were allowed out to play and interact.

As she was looking at the little, cute ‘ones’, she felt pressure on her left foot. She looked down and there was a six-month-old kitten sitting on her foot.

Cat that selected their future human companion by sitting on their left foot
Cat that selected their future human companion by sitting on their left foot. Picture: Marie Harness
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That is exactly how a kitten or adult cat selects their future human companion and caregiver at an animal shelter.

Of course, she fell in love even though she was looking for a kitten who was a little bit younger but she was totally taken by the cute behaviour so she selected this kitten and returned to the shelter after he had been neutered two days later.

On her return to the shelter, he did exactly the same thing. He “ran over and sat on my left foot, and I recognised that he had definitely chosen me.”

And after three years of living with her, “he still sleeps on my left leg every night”.

What can you say? A cat of habit and routine. This is exactly how cats are anyway. This is how cats get out of a shelter.

Instructing shelter cats on how to get out

I wish I could go to an animal shelter and gather all the cats around in a semicircle and tell them how they can get out of the place.

It’s quite straightforward: you go up to the person wandering through the shelter looking for a suitable kitten or cat and you make it known to them that you want to be adopted. One sure way of achieving that is to sit on their left foot.

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