Shelter Rescue Cat Kacaey

Shelter Rescue Cat Kacaey

by Amanda Cox
(Boise, Idaho.)



Hello! My name is Amanda, and my beautiful boy is Kacaey (KC), who is approximately 6.5 years old. I found him as a sickly, pathetic looking thing in our local Idaho Humane Society, barely hanging on with his brother, the last two of the litter, brought in as strays.

I fell in love with his beautiful grey coat and green eyes right away, and found his giant paws (which I assumed he would soon grow into) so adorable! And decided after just ten minutes that he had to be mine! His card said he was a 10 month old DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR (!) and would be a fun and lively kitten.

Well, when I got him home I knew right away something on that card was wrong. It turned out that he had a severe upper respiratory infection, and upon taking him to the vet, found that he was severely dehydrated and probably would not have made it much longer at the shelter. After pumping him full of fluids and sending us home with plenty of medication, he soon came to a full and healthy recovery.

It wasn't long after his coming home that we soon realized that "Domestic Shorthair" was more than a bit of a stretch! He soon started packing on the pounds, and his fur quickly began to grow and fill out. Our vet has told us for years that he is overweight and needs to shed the pounds...which we believed at first, but soon came to disregard when a friend told me about the breed.

We have researched, and while we know he may not be full bred, he proudly carries the trademark "M" on his forehead. Oh, and the paws? He still hasn't grown into them as I initially thought he would 🙂

I have always gotten my cats at Rescue Shelters, and strongly believe in supporting them. This should give everyone out there a new opinion on never know what you'll find.


Hi Amanda.... Thank you very much for coming by and stopping to talk about Kacaey. It is a nice story and what a great looking boy cat Kacaey is. He quite possibly has some Maine Coon in him. There seems to be a lot of Maine Coon mix cats. And as you know the "M" signifies that he is a tabby cat. See also how tabby cats got their "M".

He looks like his coat is diluted from the picture as it is grey. Grey is a dilute black. This is caused by the presence of the dilute gene.

I am surprised that the cat shelter managed Kacaey's health that poorly. Maybe I am not being realistic in thinking that they can do better.

Lucky for him he found you to take care of him and bring him back to good health.

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Shelter Rescue Cat Kacaey

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Feb 08, 2010 Shelter cats
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi Amanda. Some semi-longhair kittens don't develop their fur until they grow older, so the shelter should be excused for that mistake.
As to the health issues, they can't be excused for not treating them. However, in case it was simply a question of funds, the shelter's solution could have been to euthanize Kacaey instead. Luckily they didn't, because he has grown up to become a very impressive cat!

I'm pleased to see that despite the mistakes of one shelter you still support adoption and shelters in general. You are quite right in that - as the story of Kacaey and many others here on the site show, some magnificent cats are to be found our there. 😉

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