SHOCKING: I am incensed. Woman scalds two pets like naughty boys

Woman scalds two pet dogs
Woman scalds two pet dogs
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This will make your blood boil. I am incensed at this woman. She is quite mad. Why it’s on video is beyond me. Did someone video this because they are proud of what she is doing? It looks like that. She treats two pets as if she is scalding a couple of kids. Wrong, wrong and wrong. I know it is about dogs but what’s going on in the video is relevant to all companion animals. Lessons must be learned. This is not how a companion animal guardian should treat animals.

PUNISHMENT is a non-starter. It should not be contemplated. To train dogs to stand to attention before their owner to be scalded as naughty boys is appalling in my book.

The relation between pet and human must be kind and gentle. Yes, some training might be appropriate with dogs as they can be trained but it has to be positive reinforcement. It must not be based on fear and abuse. She probably thinks it is clever to do this which is why she did it for the cameras. Double shame on her. She’s publicising her bad behavior and ignorance.

I feel for the dogs who are obediently listening her tirade of criticism, completely mystified as to what they have done wrong.

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2 thoughts on “SHOCKING: I am incensed. Woman scalds two pets like naughty boys”

  1. I concur Goldie,scalding is using boiling hot water so yeah it is scolding and it angers me she is doing that,they are not toddlers but sentient beings.

  2. I think the word is scold, not scald. Scald is a different thing altogether and actually much more horrible than scolding


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