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Shooting Feral Cats — 30 Comments

    • Of course, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. However, I don’t hate cats I don’t hate skunks. I do sometimes hate the behaviour of some people. In my experience, some people don’t belong in neighbourhoods! What do you think? Has every person that you have ever met behave decently and properly within the neighbourhood making them good citizens?

      • If someone was running around a neighborhood tearing the heads off of birds and rabbits, you can bet that that person would be locked-up. Since there are no “cat jails” and cats don’t have pockets to carry money to pay fines for their relentless torturing of animals, and the owners invariably cry “that’s not MY CAT!” when confronted; then the cats are instead given corporal punishment for being the witnessed, confirmed, and unstoppable serial killers that they are. If you don’t want your cat to be sentenced to death for being an unstoppable serial-killer, then make sure your cat no longer has access to any more of its intended victims. Simple solution. Simple end to the problem. No matter which way you decide. And one that you will have to live with for it being 100% your own fault.

        • Thank you for commenting. However, your argument is feeble and completely illogical. Firstly, it is ridiculous to mix up laws that relate to animals and laws that relate to humans because they’re quite different. Secondly, domestic cats don’t wantonly and with intent tear the heads of birds and rabbits. They are simply carrying out what they are programmed to do through evolution which is to survive by hunting prey. It is nature’s way. You cannot blame them for that and you certainly cannot criminalise the domestic cat for that reason. Thirdly, you make no reference to the law and animal welfare laws and the criminal laws that relate to human beings. If you did you’d come to a different argument. In many states in the United States it is illegal to shoot feral cats unless there are specific exceptions and circumstances. Also you are equating a person being locked up with the killing of an animal. You simply cannot equate those two and put them together as comparisons. Sorry but your argument is crude, simplistic and frankly pathetic. You must be stupid which is one reason why you like to shoot cats.

  1. nice to hear from someone like you. I just got #56 cat along with 18 skunk. I catch em and shoot em in the trap. better than having them shut up in a cage for days and then killed. I hate all cats and feral especially. I wish we could shoot em in the street but I live in a town so I see the danger of a bunch of us blasting at every cat we see. keep shooting!
    I wonder about skinning and eating em. tell me more.

    • To me you sound like an ignorant sh*t. Sorry but that is the way you come across to anyone who has an ounce of intelligence. You kill them because you hate them. You kill animals you hate. Right? Nice. I don’t think you are Woody. I have not published your other comments. This is a one off for you because I don’t like nasty, cruel people on the site for obvious reasons.

  2. You cat haters make me sick. Do you think the cats have chosen this life of eating anything, mice, birds, etc. We have 13 rescued cats and they are the love of our lives. I daresay with the recent deaths of my Mom, Dad and brother I would have died without my cats’ love. Yes, they know when I’m down and oh so sad. SPAY AND NEUTER your pets people-you can’t all be idiots, or can you? I’ve had jobs where sooooo many people were ignorant, and I tried to educate them and it was impossible. Most people are just plain STUPID.

    • Mariah, there are many cat haters but all of them don’t understand the cat or have been taught to hate the cat or they fear the cat. None of these are good ones to hate the cat. We know better than them. Think of yourself as superior to all cat haters because you are.

  3. I live rural PA, ever since my new neighbors move in, I have been having nothing but feral cat problems. First off, their house cat is declawed and not fixed. Last year it had a litter under my shed and my neighbors wont take any reasonability for their animal. This year, it seems like every feral cat in PA has been coming around my property trying to get some pussy. They shit and piss everywhere, destroyed my garden and now, My dogs are starting to eat the cat shit. Legally by law, I cant do a damn thing but trap them and have them spade/nurture at my Cost.. ridiculous. Well, Im now hunting them , building dead falls, and getting hunting trips. Fuck them cats!

  4. Killing cats doesn’t work because whatever attracted the cats is still there. Cat killing creates a vacuum which means that for every cat that is killed, more will show up. And since the cats aren’t altered, they will still breed like crazy. TNRM (Trap Neuter Release Manage) is the only effective way to control and eventually extinguish feral cat populations because it doesn’t create a vacuum. If you really care about rodents and birds, then you should support TNRM and try to educate others about abandoning their cats and TNRM because ultimately education will stop the problem.

  5. yes ruth,humans even kill humans.and often for greed of money,not by instinct.humans also kill tigers,elephants,rhinos,ect…for MONEY,not to eat.

  6. Yes we are all animals only in different forms and I too get angry at the way humans think they can use, abuse, experiment on and eat animals. We don’t have to kill to survive, being vegetarian is a very healthy diet. When people say but that’s what animals are for, what would happen to them if we didn’t eat them. The truth is they are bred especially and many kept in horrible conditions and then killed horribly, for meat eaters.
    Nature would have taken care of all the species if people had left things alone, no animals would have been extinct, the survival of the fittest of each species would have ensured that.
    But instead humans have doomed this earth and will probably wipe themselves out eventually, I just hope the animals of the earth survive as they got along very nicely before humans came along and could do so again.

      • thank you ruth.some people forget how humans have brought certain animals to near distinction.In my opion humans are the worst predators on this earth..I try to be as nice with my words on websites like this but,I can’t help it to be angered by any human who does not realize that we are all animals and forget that even humans kill other animals to survive,although cows,chickens,pigs,lamb and deer are not close to being extinct,humans also kill to survive.

  7. Kill a cat and save a lot of wildlife… tnr kill rabbits, quail, robins, frogs and what ever else it kills and a lot of rabbits,quail and robins, and frogs and what ever else it kills …. and a lot more.
    The idea is to tnr and let it kill out its life. just stupid. One killed one of by hens setting on a next a week before the eggs hatched. A cat lover would love that because the cat got a meal.

    • Your comment is not very clear. Poorly written – sorry. You are also thinking poorly.Trap neuter return is proving to be successful. Shooting cats is unsuccessful and cruel. There is no justification for it.

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