Short Autobiography of Zachariah Atteberry

by Zachariah Atteberry
(Hannibal, Missouri)

Me & Tiger

Me & Tiger

This is a short Autobiography of Zachariah Atteberry as requested by Michael (PoC Admin) - I didn't realise how interesting it would be when I asked. I asked because he writes poetry about cats and people might not know his age etc. If any other regular contributor feels inclined to write about themselves, that is fine and I will link the page that contains the autobiography to their avatar.

Zach's one page autobio..

Hello, my name is Zachariah Atteberry, and I live in Hannibal, Missouri. I have just turned 17 on December 2nd 2009.

I was born on a farm with 12 other children. During cancer, they said I had a 2% chance of living though it, in my mom's stomach.

Surprisingly I did make it, perhaps a miracle for me and the animals of the future? I was in foster care, while my mom was having thyroid cancer. I was out of foster care when I was 6, and started living with a 50 year old man, and my mom.

I wasn't allowed outside till I was 12. When I was 7 I had a cat, and the 2nd day it was just gone. I now realize, today that he shot it.

My mom told me that he was an animal abuser, and one that would kill any animal that bothers him.

He also abused me, and hit me when I did any little thing wrong, with a belt. Usually for such as an accident or not liking a certain food. That year every video game I have ever had was stolen from me, I don't know who, but it devastating. It pretty much just got worse from there until I was 15.

When I was aged 15, I realized that I really loved animals. I could never show it before, or I would be "disciplined."

Well I did get out occasionally and see other peoples' pets. I then began learning, and studying animals, and began promoting animal rights. That year was horrible to, I still had Aspergers (worst shy disorder) as said by Columbia.

I was so shy I couldn't talk to anyone, probably from the abuse. Every other day I would probably have a panic attack. We moved 3 times that year, and the old house was torn apart, because the man had a $50,000 debt!.

This year (reaching 16 years of age) has been the best by far. Animals have completely gave me the spirit to move on because I'm not living for myself. It is more as if I am living to help animals.

I realize my cause on earth now, to help animals. Therefore, I decided to want to be a vet/ and open my own shelter one day. I also began poetry, and adopted my cat tiger (age 5 months) from a pet shop; he was already declawed sadly. I began spreading claw management help, and the horrid declawing truth.

Aged 17, I'm glad to be where I stand now; helping animals is what really appeals to me. This Christmas I got veterinary books, and college writing tip books. I don't care about games no-more; fore it does not help animals.

I go to Hannibal High School; my last 2 years were horrid. My plans for the future, after next year, is to go to community college. After that I will transfer to Columbia College, and so forth.

After the abuse I been though and the tough times I've been though, I want to help animals, perhaps because I know the pain they feel.

Their pain is my pain; if they hurt I shall do my best to help them. I also am also volunteering at the humane society during school for credits, I also might be helping orphaned kittens soon, a great gift. My mom is also cured of cancer this year, and I'm gradually getting past my disability to.

In conclusion, I know the pain animals suffer, so I feel it's my obligation to help them anyway I can. I use to cry because of the abhorrent life I lived, and now all I want to do is help others.

Why don't humans see that we all feel the same pain; we share the same pain. We live harsh lives, but animals have it so much worse. I feel no greater happiness then helping animals. I'm also very against traumatic declawing, tail-docking, and ear-cropping.

I did my best to put this together. Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment or anything...Zach

Here is some of Zach's work (links added by Michael):

A small stray cat poem

Two reasons to stop unwanted breeding

Stray cat poem

Hannibal Missouri, USA
Hannibal, Missouri - Photo by Chicago Man (creative commons license)

Short Autobiography of Zachariah Atteberry

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Short Autobiography of Zachariah Atteberry

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Dec 31, 2009 Kathy I sympathise
by: Ruth

I fully sympathise with how you felt! When I worked with vets,it was bad enough having to help take the lives of ill animals,which of course was the kindest thing to do and I could accept that. But people bringing in healthy animals just because they didn't want them anymore, upset me a lot.
The head vet had a policy that if I asked permission of the owner, we would try to find another home for that animal.Most people agreed and we did find most of them good homes. But one day a woman brought in a beautiful healthy little poodle puppy,I knew someone who would have gladly given him a home, but she wouldn't agree.In fact she watched him die to make sure we did it.Another woman brought in a dog which had to die because her husband had died, her words were 'Why should the dog live when my husband is dead' She stood and watched too !
Animals treated like possessions is what gets to me more than anything else,some people don't consider they have feelings and have the right to live their lives, just like we have.
I think Zach will make a wondeful compassionate vet with the ability to not only change the way some people think declawing cats is acceptable but to educate them on many other aspects of animal welfare too.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 30, 2009 i love your story
by: kathy

Zach, it was good to read your story. Also good to see your picture. I sympathise with your story. My father was an animal abuser when he was a bad alcoholic. AT one time he put a litter of kittens in a sack and hit them with a hammer and then threw them in the creek to drown. Since then I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress disorder because of the autrocities I witnessed growing up on a farm. I love your poems and have wrote some myself. Maybe one day Ill share them. Keep up the good work. I couldnt become a vet. I worked for one back in 2000. I had a real problem with some people who brought thier pets in to be euthanized. Some of them were perfectly healthy animals. The people just didnt want them anymore. /Good luck to you in your campaign, you are in my prayers.

Dec 29, 2009 Zach the Brave
by: Jan Plant

Young man,you are one of the most courageous young people I know.I'm so sorry you had to feel such hate and harm from another human.Men of that caliber are cowards,and cause pain to others to make themselves feel strong! How great it is that you came through all that with such a kind and loving heart! You will continue to do great things,my young friend,and any vet clinic that gets you will consider themselves among the luckiest! Your poetry brings a lump to my throat even when I read it to my mate,John. Carry on young Zach! We are with you 100% and then some!!!And congrats to mom for beating the terrible cancer.Take care of each other.

Dec 29, 2009 Autobiography of Zachariah Atteberry,
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

I am just surprised at your maturity and poetry at the tender age of just 17."Circumstances and situations mould human character" and hence it seems that you have taken up "Animal Welfares causes" and very successful in the same. Hope your poetry does get published some day.Rudolph avatar

Dec 29, 2009 To Zach
by: Ruth

Zach, I have greatly admired you,your fighting spirit and your love of animals, from when we first 'met' while both spreading the truth about declawing.I read your blog at the time and my heart went out to you, you have come through so much and emerged a remarkable, compassionate young man.
You are going to be a wonderful vet and if I'm not mistaken, one day your poetry will be famous world wide !
Keep up the good work.
Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Dec 29, 2009 You are a kind and brave soul
by: Julie

Thank You for your dedication and love of our furry friends. I always tell our young people that we all face a lot of the same things in life ;it is how we handle the situations that make us the people that we truely are.It sounds as if you have had more than your share and through love you have not just survived but have come through a winner.GOD BLESS YOU !
From Julie in Alhambra,IL.

Dec 29, 2009 Good Morning Zach
by: Merrily

Your story brought tears to my eyes, and yet I can see that your spirit is still strong, and your heart is filled with love ,compassion and hope.

Animals are a gift to us, they give us unconditional love, comfort when times are difficult and joy as we watch their silly antics.

People like the man in your mothers life are weak, they cause pain and suffering , harm animals and lead miserable lives, trying to destroy those around them.

You did not allow that to happen..... good for you Zack, and good for all of the animals who will be touched by you.

Dec 29, 2009 Pleased
by: Michael

Zach, I am very pleased that I asked you to write a short autobiography because it is very interesting. I think, it shows us how you came to be passionate about helping animals. And this informs us as to why some people might be unsympathetic about animals or even plain aggressive towards them as that horrible man was. Some people who are seriously abused turn the other way and hurt animals.

I also praise you for your courage to talk about your disability. That is a beautiful think to do and great credit goes to you.

You have a great tenderness for animals because you have suffered - that is my theory. That gives you a humility and an empathy with other creatures who suffer as you understand it and don't want others to suffer.

I think my tenderness for animals is born out of the same experiences but I was luckier than you.

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