Short Essay on Pet Cat (for children)

This is a ‘short essay on pet cat’ (a search term) written in simplified English for young students and children. You can write this essay in 1000 different ways so please use this as a guideline only. If you think that you can do better write your version in a commment!

The short essay on pet cat

The word “pet” means an animal that is tame and which is kept by a person as a friend and to make the person happier.

The pet cat has been around for about 10,000 years. At first they became pets because they were useful. They caught mice and snakes. They pleased the farmer. The cat found food easily.

Today people keep pet cats because they make great friends. In a good home pet cats are well looked after and happy. The lives of the owner and cat are better because they live together.

Cats make you smile. You can play and have fun with your cat. It feels nice to have him on your lap. It keeps him warm and makes him happy. It makes you happy and calm as well.

It is nice to touch the soft fur and warm body of a pet cat. To feel and hear his purr. To talk to him. To listen to his meow when he wants food.

Pet cats are not very different from wild cats. When a pet cat goes outside he becomes wild again like an African wildcat. He wants to hunt and kill. But when he comes home he cuddles up to his owner, purrs and behaves like a child. The pet cat has two characters.

You need to make sure you understand your pet cat to make sure that he is happy. You have to feed him well and keep him healthy.

People who live alone with a cat find that their pet makes them feel better. They have a friend who is always there for them.

Love your cat and care for him well and your life will be more enjoyable.

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