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Should America’s wild horses be turned into burgers? — 4 Comments

  1. To answer the question in the title: HELL NO!

    Horses are my first love and should be better managed. Round them up, geld the males of all ages, adopt out as many as possible, give the remaining mares tubal ligations and return them with ear tags. Do it once/twice a year and the results should be similar to TNR. Surely there’s enough tax payer monies to cover this?

    • Thanks Cat’s Meow. I thought you’d like horses. A lot of cat owners like horses as well. And the procedures for limiting population sizes are similar. I hate the idea of killing these horses for burgers. It’s horrible. I love these horses.

    • Adoptions are in the toilet and have been since the recession. I refused to take on BLM horses in training since they do not have domestic horse mentality and it takes someone who specializes in their special needs.
      I do not know how the population is allowed to grow while the BLM stuffs them in corrals like cordwood. The simple easy solution of a rendering them unable to breed either chemically or surgically seems to be beyond anyone in government.
      I see it as a mess of government agencies ensuring job security because if they stopped the breeding the herds could and should be managed in a way that roundups are a thing of the past. Since there are domestic usable saddle horses going to slaughter the concept of adopting a wild horse is really a bit of nonsense that sounded good.
      I passed petitions endlessly to pass the Wild Horse Annie Act.
      Control the population , ensure diversity in the gene pool and let those that are born wild stay wild.

  2. It’s worth pointing out that in times past wild horse herds were managed as a viable resource for mounts by the US Calvary. High quality stallions were released into the herds to improve the blood stock.
    I have suggested for years that an aggressive controlled breeding program be implemented and move back to the purer Spanish stock and make the wild horse a valued commodity in the horse community.
    There are no true wild horses just ones that are feral and like a feral cats kittens the young can be fully domesticated if started young. The BLM has mismanaged the programs and the numbers like all government agencies do. Horribly and of course the horses have suffered as a result.
    Horses were not native to the Americas but brought in and do indeed have an impact on the land but one that with some foresight can be managed to everyone’s satisfaction without resorting to sending them to packing houses.
    There is also a deplorable mentality that while not in the same numbers have negligent guardians of cats, releasing their horses when they no longer want to or cannot care for them in sparsely populated areas.
    As I have pissed of horse lovers ( and I am one ) for ages you cannot plug the sink if the faucet is running full blast. In other words until you deal with the over reproduction you will never end slaughter. the same applies to animal shelters.

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