HomeAnimal CrueltyShould animal abusers be ordered to work in animal shelters as part of their punishment?


Should animal abusers be ordered to work in animal shelters as part of their punishment? — 10 Comments

  1. Absolutely the worst punishment EVER! People like this will never feel remorse for what they did. Obviously they enjoyed it or would have stopped once they heard the animals’ screams. Animal abuse needs a stiffer punishment!

  2. Absolutely NOT!! We’re trying to protect animals and keep abusers away from them. NOT inviting more abuse! Once a person goes down that road, they usually do more and more damage to all animal species.

  3. Emphatically, NO!
    But, I wouldn’t be opposed to having them simulate a four-legged entity for a lengthy period of time in order to learn how vulnerable they are, such as: mobilizing on all fours, eating/drinking on the floor without benefit of their hands, only having access to food when someone gives it to them, suffering with fleas and mites, etc.

  4. OMC,I would say NO! I would not trust an animal abuser around any animal, shelter or otherwise. Would a judge order a child abuser to work in an environment with children? This sound redundant and very risky to me, and scary for every poor animal they come into contact with. I have no idea what a proper rehabilitation would entail, but the change has to occur within that person’s heart and soul first. The capacity for empathy and compassion has to be there first, not the other way around. Not sure how many animal abusers do actually change.

  5. I agree that it’s too risky. Theoretically rehabilitation is (almost) always possible — HSUS deemed convicted dogfighter Michael Vick suitable to own dogs again. But intensive therapy would be needed, as well as close supervision — not feasible. Ironically, what offenders would see in some shelters might harden their hearts further.

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