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Should animal shelters release information on what rescue saves a cat in their facility? — 5 Comments

  1. Any shelter or rescue should have accurate public records of what happens to any cat that passes through their care. We live in a digital age where photos and records should be available if not on a public server then to anyone who goes to a shelter or rescue with questions about any animal. They are all documented on intake and assigned a number even if they aren’t chipped. Knowing how many cats or dogs were in any rescue would be a great way to make sure no one was overloaded or hoarding.

  2. I think it’s happening a lot more than people realize. I’d just like a good answer as to why. Is it a privacy concern for the rescue or a cover up for the shelter?

    • Rescues are public charities. As such they give up the right to do things in private.
      Government shelters are publicly funded. As such, all transactions, unless deemed dangerous to disclose,should be made public.
      I don’t understand why either group would withhold pertinent information from the public…the very people who fund them.

  3. It is so weird that this subject came up just now, regarding the infuriating saga I am going through regarding a particular cat. I’ll have to follow up when it’s resolved… and you can believe I will pull no punches. Pun not intended.

  4. I am sharing cats in different states also pledged on them, in NY on threads it’s always update what happened to the cat and I got pm from rescue, also in FL, GA if rescue doesn’t pm or post on thread we know unfortunately was killed, usually rescues pm or it’s a group pm for pledges which paying for vet and foster etc, NEVER before happened to me that rescue WONT ask for pledges if cat was saved doesn’t make any sense, not sure about harassing either

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