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Should Cat Claws Be Trimmed? — 3 Comments

  1. I don’t trim my cats’ nails, but I do have fond memories of watching my mother doing it for her cats. Most of them mildly tolerated the attention.

    Momma would sit on a stool and hold the cat in her lap. She would firmly, but gently, hold their paws while using a baby’s nail clippers to remove just a tiny portion from the end of each claw. When she was finished, the cat would run off and sulk. 🤣 They would recover their normal demeanor within an hour or two.

  2. There was a time that I trimmed my cats’ claws. Now I do not. The furkids have several cat trees and scratching posts to keep their claws at a decent length. I also have four area rugs that are manufactured to NOT get destroyed by cats clawing at them. There is now an area rug in all rooms except the bathroom and kitchen. My 6 have been going at the rugs for almost a year now, and they still look as good as when I put them down. And I don’t have to traumatize the cats to trim claws-that would really set the deaf ferals over the moon. I check my 17 year old cat’s claws to see if I need to trim them, but so far she has kept her claws trimmed herself.

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