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Should cats eat pumpkin? — 5 Comments

  1. I have found that a small amount of plain pumpkin mixed in with wet food can, actually, stimulate appetite. This may or may not be a result having created digestive balance.

  2. http://www.petmd.com/blogs/thedailyvet/pmahaney/2012/nov/health_benefits_of_pumpkin_for_pets-29465

    The danger with something like pumpkin lies in human nature not to pay attention to the details. Cooked, canned pumpkin with nothing added is the only safe way to add it to your pets diet. And it is not a substitute for taking your pet to the vet if they have continuing dietary upsets. One of my cats loves pumpkin. I prefer it to mirilax or some of the oil based hairball solutions. Of course the real cure for her constipation was find a wet food she’ll eat. And the pumpkin was given via permission by my vet. During Mooks grieving for Kitten she ate poorly and became constipated over and over , pumpkin via finger along with a bit of nutrical helped restore her balance and desire to eat and drink.

  3. I’ve read these things about pumpkin and I have a cat now who has elimination problems, but I only consider supplements like this if I can believe some kind of proof (hard data and experience). I learned to be skeptical of “common knowledge” that may as well be folklore when it comes to cats, especially regarding nutrition or holistic beliefs. I had a red cat named Danny who loved weird stuff too (like cantaloupe and RITZ crackers) but I’m not going to connect the orange dots and think pumpkin should naturally follow. I’ve read worse logic than that to support some stuff. Fiber, etc are necessary but there are ways to supply them that are more in line for these carnivores like you said, Michael.

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