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Should domestic cats be kept indoors or allowed outside? — 3 Comments

  1. My three indoors live in a catproofed house. One is a spynx, one has a pink nose. There is plastic on the window with the ledge so no one gets sunburned. Plants are research for toxicity before they are allowed to stay. It’s easy to rehome plants. Rubber bands and paper clips are banned or used in protected spaces. Floors are vinyl and washed with water In a steamer mop/vacuum. I’m from the generation where kids didn’t fall our windows, people didn’t go on the subway tracks, people looked both ways when crossing the street.,,,,when you choose to share your home with a pet, it is time to make arrangements to live comfortably with them. My feral has enough toys to keep him playing and considering he was severely injured outdoors, he seems quite content to have found an armchair to his liking and food that doesn’t come on garbage days alone. Even the containers for their dry food is such that they can’t fall in and empty cans are safely secured in a covered trash pail. These are not big on watching things drop on the floor but we still keep breakable and treasured articles protected. Pills live in plastic boxes with tight lids. I would never risk their lives for my inattention or laziness. These are not big climbers but others has wall scratching posts to respect those needs. Outside the hawks take kittens and cars maim or kill them. I live in the US. The stakes are high.

      • Thanks Michael,
        Many of the methods and precautions have come from reading this blog. If something could happen to someone else’s cat. It could happen to mine. God forbid.

        I was not lucky enough to grow up with pets except for a tiny turtle when I was under 5 and blamed for it’s death due to my inattention.

        Thanks to you and all the other contributors for mybgood education.

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