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Should human euthanasia be legal as it is for cats? — 3 Comments

  1. When my mother was dying from lung cancer she’d often said: I wish I could just take a pill and end it because this is not life. At the end, in the hospital, she refused a breathing tube and told “I want to die as soon as possible”. The rest was as you described – they gave her morphine drip. So yes, I agree with you, but, of course, there should be checks in place.

  2. I have always felt that keeping ANY creature alive through machines and stupidity. My Mom is a devout Catholic and I can remember more than 40 years ago she made the comment that “we are kinder to our animals than we are to our own kind.” Where do humans get the idea that they can impose their beliefs upon those who have no hope and live in constant pain or don’t even know who or what they are? If we can sign a release that states if we are in so much pain or riddled with disease we can request the shot that lets us go in peace and dignity. Who is to say that we need to continue a life that really isn’t?

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