Should I cut off this cats tail? I don’t have money for a vet.

This guy asks online, on a website, whether he should cut off a cat’s tail himself because his dog attacked the cat and ‘ripped his tail’. The tail is hanging on by a thread and he can’t afford a vet. Great isn’t it?

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I am shocked to be honest that he has the nerve to ask such a question, online, in public. It is a terrible admission of failure. He does not know it but he is quite possibly suggesting that he does something criminal when he asks if he should amputate the cat’s tail. This could be animal cruelty because he is unqualified to do it and does not, allegedly, have the equipment or materials such as bandages and antibiotics to ensure that pain is minimised and the chance of infection neutralised. In addition the cat should be sedated during the operation. He definitely does not have the necessary drugs to achieve that nor the skill to ensure that the drugs are administered safely.

Some of the answers to his question are reckless or presented as jokes. I don’t think you can joke about this. The cat should see a vet asap and if the cat is not taken to a vet even that omission could constitute animal cruelty and be a crime.

This is his statement:

So my dog is a killer and my cats had to live outside because my dog was here first. I built them a little castle to hide from the dog. But my moms boyfriend brought over another cat recently and my dog ripped his tail. I felt bad leaving him outside because the bugs are attacking his tail wound and i dont want him to get infected, so i brought him in my room. I want to build him another castle eventually so he feels at home. I really want to help his tail situation though. Its hanging on by a thread. Should i just cut it off?

And this is the webpage:

Why did I post this? It is an interesting snippet of life and demonstrates the attitude of some people towards animals. There seems to be a lack of awareness of what he is doing and what has happened. The cat’s pain and suffering on an ongoing basis is being treated carelessly. Yes, he has asked for help but in doing so demonstrated his lack of awareness of the importance of the situation from the standpoint of animal welfare. He needs educating I am afraid. A similar mentality is shown by youths who upload videos of themselves kicking cats and even by the notorious veterinarian Kristen Lindsey who shot a cat with a bow and arrow.

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3 thoughts on “Should I cut off this cats tail? I don’t have money for a vet.”

  1. Keepers of livestock often castrate and de-horn their own cattle and goats. While it may be done outside there are proper methods to reduce infection. All of my colts were gelded at home in the corral without incident by a vet. Lets not imply that farmers and ranchers are unclean in animal care and welfare and most practice good animal husbandry. you only hear about the louses because they get in trouble.
    As to the person who owns cats when their dog is cat killer please re-home the cats or the dog and the cat should be taken to the local humane society where they may offer some help. Even if it’s hanging on by a piece of skin bone has been broken and dog slobber entered the wound. It’s a bite and needs tending.

  2. Farmers and ranchers castrate their animals, clip their ears, and bob their animals’ tails all the time. They also cut-off the eye-teeth of any piglets so they don’t grow into large incisors and harm the mother when nursing. All this done without anesthesia nor clean-room requirements, ALL legal by law. They are qualified, just by being human, to do so. You have an odd idea of what humans are and are not allowed to do to animals. If it weren’t for all the “unlicensed” people doing minor surgery on their animals every minute of every day around the whole world you wouldn’t even be able to eat today nor feed your cats.

    • BS. I am saying that if an unqualified person (and farmers are unqualified to operate on domestic cats) operates on a cat they will be committing a crime. That is correct. So please shut up and go away. Go easy on the crack cocaine and ease back on the booze.


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