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Should I get a cat? — 7 Comments

  1. And be careful with plants. Must be non toxic and use pine cones in the dirt to prevent pooping. And secure any plant stands to the wall if they’re free standing.

  2. Do you mind having your face walked on early in the morning?Or going to sleep with a soft purr to help you go to sleep.As for me I love both.IF YOU DONT LOVE CATS THEN DONT GET ONE.

    • Nice one Nancy. I agree. What about, “do you mind being woken up at 5 am or earlier?” Or, “do you mind sharing your bed with your cat?” and “are you prepared to be a member of the Cat Countertop Club? 😉 .

  3. I tell people that unless they want to put their “collectibles” behind glass and to clear their mantel of anything breakable, as well as the top of dressers and other furniture then they should think twice about a cat. Cats, even when furnished with toys, tend to enjoy knocking things down just to watch them fall or hear them break. That’s just one of the things cat lovers have to accept-to put away the breakables from curious paws.

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