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Should I put sunscreen on my cat? — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve put sunscreen on ears since our vet slipped us a tiny free sample tube of human baby sunscreen about 20yrs ago. Yes, shocking, I know, it was FREE! 😉

    I have put it on ears that aren’t white too, as cats age, via battles and scrapes, or it’s just the way that particular cat is, the fur can be very, very thin on the pinnae.

    Every single cat, on every occasion I have applied sunscreen to it, has immediately licked it off, pausing only to tell me what they thought about it, with one dark look.

    Is there a gap in the market for sunscreen that tastes repulsive to cats? Would that be fair to the cat? Skin cancer isn’t fair.

    As a human I don’t like the stickiness of sunscreen whether in lotion or cream form. Even the sprays have that feel. It could be zinc causing the sticky? Do cats hate the feel of sunscreen? I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a preference.

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